View Full Version : Mother's Day Craft Gifts

04-04-2005, 08:06 AM
Grandma, Great-Grandma and Great Aunt are coming to visit Jude right before Mother's Day. I would like to make something special for them from Jude.

Any ideas?

I was thinking of a stepping stone for their Gardens for Grandma and Great Grandma. Has anyone made these? I saw kits on sale for $8 or so at Michael's this week.

I have a kits for a trivet I could make for Great Aunt, Great Grandma and Grandma got those last year.

I have some Picture People coupons I may use to frame pictures for them.

All love the numerous handprint projects he has done over the years. I could do flower pots for them.

I welcome any ideas! Keep in mind I have an ACTIVE almost 2 year old on my hands.

04-07-2005, 07:46 PM
I like your ideas! I've been looking for some mysyself for our relatives. One additional idea I thought I'd throw in is a name-badge sized photograph that is laminated (I'm actually using premade photo covers that I got at walmart). I'm giving one to all the moms/aunts/grandmas/etc to put on their name badges at work. I know my mom loves having pictures to show of my dd to her patients (she's a nurse) and I think she will really like this.

I think we'll do that and a flower pot too! I'm also trying to think of something good for father's day this year. Share with us what you end up doing!


04-08-2005, 12:56 PM
For Father's Day last year we did handprint coffee mugs, we come from families of coffee drinkers. For one Grandfather we made him a Grilling Apron with a picture of all of the Grandchildren on it (iprint) that said Chef Papa.

The mug I made for DH is a Flag. Jude's hand print is horizonal in Blue (the star area) and I painted strips in red. We went to a Pottery Painting place and they had good ideas for us.

For Mother's Day last year we made trivets of Jude's Handprints for family, again at the Pottery Painting place.

I am running out of ideas!