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05-05-2005, 06:13 PM
Need some tips/advice on traveling for the first time. We'll most likely be making two trips...to the west coast and to the midwest...via airplane and car.

What do I bring...what do I leave behind?

What to do for popping ears?

How about car seats and strollers...for air travel?

I've been looking for the car seat / stroller but cannot find but on line...does anyone know anything about it?

I appreciate your help...if I sound spastic it's because the thought of taking my baby out of a safe environment and into a very stressful situation is STRESSFUL. The more I prepare the better I'll feel.

05-06-2005, 05:58 PM
Hi Chiqanita,

How old is your baby? I just came back with my 20 month old from Asia, so it is still fresh in my mind, LOL.

It helps to have 2 adults minimum per child, but I travelled back on my own, so it is doable, although not easy.

I bought a ticket for DS, so I brought a car seat (Touriva/ Regal Ride), if you don't buy a ticket for your baby you can ask at the gate if there is an empty seat, if not, check in the car seat at the gate. The stroller can be checked in at the gate, and collected at the gate as well. Bring a stroller that has a basket underneath, so you can put your bag there. If you can fit everything into one bag that is best. I had one portion with one bagpack, but for the long portion I had the bagpack and a diaper bag. A car seat bag that has wheels (I got mine from Babies R Us) work great for me. I put DS in the stroller, bagpack on my bag, diaper bag in the stroller basket, and I pulled the carseat. When I had luggages as well, I take turns pushing the cart with the luggages and the stroller.

As for popping ears, which I myself have a problem with, I would try to wake the baby before landing, as it begins the descent. Swallowing helps. DS did not have a problem, so after a couple of times, I let him sleep through landing.

Making a printed list helps so you can jot things down as you think of them, and then check them off as you put the items in the bags.

One thing that I wish I had brought was a portable vacuum (maybe a keyboard vacuum), since feeding DS is a messy proposition.

Yes, it was stressful, especially during the planning stage, but now I can say that although it was not easy, it was doable, and I survived that :-) It was worth it.

HTH, if you have more questions please feel free to ask.

05-08-2005, 10:40 PM
Hi Stefani
Thanks so much for responding to my plea...I appreciate your suggestions. Wow, Asia....and alone...impressive.

My baby will be 12 months old when we fly...and we should have 2 adults.

What did your DS do during the flight? Toys? Books? DVD player?
Did the airline allow you to board early? Did they damage your stroller? I've heard horror stories about damaged and lost strollers.

Thanks again-

05-08-2005, 11:58 PM
Hi Ana,

It helps to have 2 adults for one child, LOL. That way you can take turns watching your baby. You are welcome.

I brought along a small Doodle Pro, and those markers that only color special papers. They were a hit with DS, but that bought me about 1 hour of quiet time only. He was happier being entertained by other passengers, playing peek-a-boo or just watching them making faces, etc. He was also fascinated by other children on-board. I did not bring a portable DVD player, since there was a screen on every seat for all the flights, so he could possibly watch movies. Furthermore, he doesn't sit still watching TV for that long, 15 minutes maximum, and he is moving again! If you have one, it might be worth taking it with you, especially for domestic flights since there will not be a screen on every seat. If you can, fly during your baby's nap time or sleep time at night.

Yes, the airlines allowed us to board early and they even assisted with carrying all of my stuff on and off the plane. The toy attachment on the stroller was broken, but otherwise the stroller was OK. If your stroller is quite expensive, maybe you want to get an inexpensive one, but definitely one with a basket underneath. I had considered taking my umbrella stroller, which is smaller and lighter than my Kolcraft, but I am so glad I did not do that. The basket was very useful.

O yes, think about how you would feed your baby. I wish I had brought a portable booster seat with straps for DS. I could not find one in Asia, and it was difficult to make sure that DS eat sitting down in a regular chair. Occasionally I would feed him in the stroller, but that is messy, and it is too low, so DS could not see the table and he was not too happy about that.

Bring a couple of outfits for your baby and one for you. DS threw up twice on one of the legs of our journey, and eating is a messy proposition.

If you planning to stay wherever you are going for a while, bring enough for the trip and maybe an extra day or two of diapers and wipes, but then buy them there. I could do that even for Asia.