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02-14-2005, 11:30 PM
Edited to report that this group order has been filled. I am keeping my original post just so if someone else wishes to lead another group order they may be able to get something out of this post. Thank you to everybody that has showed interest. Cheers, Lin

I am looking to "field" a group order to AT MOST 10 Quinny Zapps to bring the shipping cost down. I decided to volunteer to put a group order together because I found out from Erwin at Babycare.nl (the online store that many on BBB have ordered from) that we can each pay with our own CC and receive a separate invoice. I am attaching his e-mail at the end of this post so you can get a rough idea how the group order will be handled.

Please note that I live in Chicago, so depending on where you live, you may or may not want to wait for another group order that is "managed" from closer to where you are. The idea is that I will then ship the stroller to you, with you paying the FedEx groud cost. (shipping weight: 22 lbs., dimensions: 29*11*11, according to Babycare.nl).

Please go to http://www.babycare.nl and see how much it will cost in USD. Because the store always charges in Euro, so the USD price changes every day. If you register with a US address, I believe it will show the price WITHOUT the VAT tax. Just now it showed $182.60, lower than what I saw over the weekend. You can also get a shipping quote.

I've played around on the site and figured out that an order of 10 Zapps is the "optimal" way for shipping cost: averaged out to about $28. (Again, it will be charged in Euro, so the actual USD price will be different on the day when you pay with your CC). There will also be a $20 custom fee that the UPS agent will obtain from me on behalf of the US customs. This custom fee and the FedEx group shipping cost to you will have to be PayPaled to me. (Sorry, I cannot accept credit card).

Please e-mail me offline if you decide to place an order with this group. My e-mail address is boys2enough @ yahoo. com

Please read the following points:

1. Zapp order only
2. You can add ONE foot muff since it does not affect the shipping
3. You will have to PayPal me separately $20 for custom fees (I
will refund of course if less, and expect you to make up for the
difference if more). No CC for this $20 custom fees.
4. I would like an Orange Zapp, which has a 4-week wait as of now.
Trying to find out whether this will deter people from joinging this
group order
5. 7 Zapps is the minimum, and 10 Zapps is the maximum for this order
6. I live in Chicago suburb. But I don't mind shipping it FedEx
ground to you if you agree to pay for shipping from my house to your
house. (My Zip code is 60067, you could figure out the shipping cost
on FedEx.com; remember to put in $300 for insurance value)
7. I am just testing the water here, so I may or may not get enough
people. But once I get enough people, I will create a Yahoo group
so we can take this off line
8. If I sound too "business like" please forgive me. I am nervous about doing this and I don't want there to be any mishaps or confusions. In fact, if someone else is doing a group order, I may just join that one. lol. I figure at this point it may be worth the $20 to have it shipped to my house. ;-) (Hint, hint, anybody?)

************************************************** **
e-mail from babycare's Erwin:

Hi Lin,

This is no problem.
Please have these people enter your address as the shipping address and select 'Store Pickup' during checkout. That way shipping on their order will be 0.00. Let us know their names (or better: The order numbers) when all of them have ordered. We will then average out shipping over these orders and ship them as a whole. This means the initial orders reflect no discount and no shipping charge and at your 'GO' we will apply the discount and calculate total shipping and divide that amongst the separate orders.

All orders will have their own invoice, so this will be easier for you. The invoices will be in Euro and you will be charged in Euro, as this is our standard currency.

Please inform the members of the group on this procedure. They will get an order update with shipping charges as soon as the group order is completed. Shipping with a volume of 10 Zapps and up will come down to Euro 21.95 per Zapp. (about USD 28.5) (This rate is for a US shipping address, as you mentioned US customs in your
earlier e-mail I assume you live in the US.)

Please note that at this moment there is a lead time of about 4 weeks on the Zapp Orange.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

With kind regards, / Met vriendelijke groet,

Erwin de Raad
Babycare verkoop
tel. +31(0)598-612331 toestel 44
SIP: FWD 535921
www.babycare.nl De leukste babywinkel, k op het internet!

Cheers, Lin
Mom to 2 wild boys
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