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01-30-2007, 11:13 AM
Lots ending tomorrow!

Current Co-Ops:

Baby Watch Paris through Jan 31st
Caden Lane diaper bags through Jan 31st
Bumpyname Orbit Labels through Jan. 31st
Trumpette Birthday Hats through Jan. 31st
Cocoa Dreams through Feb. 1st
Corsierre Nursing Tops through March
Huggalugs through mid Feb.

Upcoming Co-Ops:
Baby Watch www.babywatch-paris.com January
Royal Heinie Feb/March
Haiku Feb/March
Automoblox March
Magna-tiles April
Giddy Giddy - March

Discount arranged:

Kukunest Children's Bedding through Jan 31st $20 off duvet & sheet set plus free shipping. Contact Teri through email or by phone. www.kukunest.com

Snug Tuck Pillow www.snugtuckpillow.com 15% off
Call in orders only and you must mention Christy and Windsor Peak Baby Bargains Book

Moonlight Slumber 10-15% off
Highest end mattress is 15% off middle and economy are 10% off
Call ins only, please mention Christine and Baby Bargains Book/Board to get discount
Being Researched:
Everyday Minerals

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

It is a restricted group, but as long as you have been a member for 30 days and have 30 posts then you can join. Please include your BBB member ID and a little about yourself. Others can join but please make sure they mention your name/ID when they join.

Interest should still start here, but for ordering purposes and questions for the Co-Op organizer, I felt it might be easier to set this up. As per the Fields Co-op regulations posted above.



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