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07-17-2006, 12:23 PM
Hi Everyone,

I did everything to ensure that we would have great photos for our wedding. I researched multiple studios/photographers, we met with the photographers, we made sure we saw albums of their work (of whole weddings, not just the best shots), and specifically the work of the photographer who would be covering our wedding. My husband and I spent a hours with the studio and photographer we selected. We received multiple glowing references about the studio and the photographer... and still, it went horribly wrong. I convinced my husband to spend more on the photography than he wanted because I really thought this photographer would do a terrific job and the photos were the most important wedding expense to me.

We had a winter evening candlelight ceremony and reception and we specified that we wanted the photographer to capture the soft candlelight. What did he do? He took photos of the ceremony and reception site before the evening (so full light), he used bright flash in just about every photo (so our photos don't capture the soft, romantic candlelight at all), he didn't center on any of the ceremony (so in every picture the 3rd and last bridesmaid is missing while there is space to the side of the 3rd and last groomsman). We specified we wanted candids like in his other work (we got mostly posed shots). I told him I wanted details of my dress, headpiece, shoes, special ceremony items - he get any of this! He didn't even take a picture of the luminaries we had leading up the stairs, even after I had the presence of mind, on my wedding day, to ask him if he had and he told me he hadn't but he would. I could go on and on... Needless to say, our excitement to view our photos for the first time on-line quickly turned to despair when we saw them... And then one of our guests questioned why they put some awful photos (eyes half closed, not focused etc.) on the website for everyone to see!

I have spoken with the owner of the studio a few times since our wedding. He has been very nice, and he actually offered to pay for my dress to be cleaned, my husband's tux rental, my makeup, hair and nails to be done again to try to re-stage some of the wedding shots. As you can imagine, no one wants to re-do their wedding... its a special day (and we had a lovely evening, it's just too bad the photos don't capture it) that can't be re-done. The fact that he is offering this indicates that he knows what a bad job his associate did... although he won't come out and say it. That makes me so mad- just be honest! Instead he says: 1.) re: the detail photos that they didn't take... well, we can zoom in to get more detail; 2.) re: the poor photo composition.. sometimes we use that as a background for an album page (funny, in a ceremony photos I'd prefer to see the fireplace and the wreath above us instead of a bunch of floor!). After having paid him so much money my husband is so angry that he doesn't want anything more to do with them and neither do I.

Ladies - do you have any ideas what we can do to get over this and create a nice experience with nice photos we will enjoy? Anything to make me feel better about this?!!! Our wedding was over a year ago and I just can't even bring myself to look at the photos they are so disappointing!

My hope, right now, is to get a good deal of our money back and plan something different. We are considering (mostly me, of course!) renewing our vows or just planning a special day in a totally different location with different beautiful clothes and, of course, a different photographer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry for the long message...