View Full Version : 2 weddings?

03-27-2007, 02:09 PM
My fiance and I were originally planning to get married August 2008 somewhere in So. Cal however the majority of my family is in the Caribbean. We had briefly discussed having the wedding in the Caribbean but realized it would be unrealistic as his family and most of our friends are in So. Cal and would not be able to fly for our wedding. We are planning on being in the Caribbean this summer August 2007 for a family reunion and are thinking that we could do a ceremony and a reception there for my family and have another probably smaller ceremony and reception in So. Cal once we return for his family. Obviously there are many obstacles especially since it is 4 months away but I feel like this is the best compromise. Any opinions or suggestions on essentially having 2 weddings and in such a short time frame? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

03-30-2007, 12:17 PM
My sister lives in Australia. They got married at the Grand Canyon (a place he'd always wanted to go, and this was his 1st trip outside of Austraila) with just them, the officiant, and the photographer. Then they honeymooned around the Southwest, had a reception here (California), flew home, and had a reception there. Worked out great!
Her biggest challenge was what to wear...3 locations with 3 different climates, and she isn't into wedding-y anyway. She evnded up having her outfit custom-made. A skirt, slacks, sleveless top, and jacket, all in the same material (a blue/green taffeda). Worked out great!