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07-18-2006, 09:06 AM
...so thought I'd share. I've been trying to get DD to eat eggs since she won't eat meat and I'm concerned about protein. I've tried regular french toast and she wouldn't eat it, then I remembered this recipe. I tried it this morning and she loved it! You can cut the recipe in half and it's perfect for two large pieces (or 4 halves).


I modify it a little and really like it better this way:

I use more cinnamon and a little more vanilla and add nutmeg. I like fried ripe bananas, so I slice them lengthwise and fry them over low heat until they are caramelized (I use non-stick cooking spray instead of butter).

Put bananas, fresh blueberries and fresh raspberries on top of toast and lightly sprinkle with powdered sugar. I found that you don't need syrup this way.

DD ate everything except the bananas which she promptly threw on the floor for the dog to gobble up!

07-18-2006, 10:48 AM
Hi Kim --

We are in the same boat here... almost no meat... so I make french toast a lot!! I use almost the same recipe - heavy on the eggs, some milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. I *do* soak the bread in the eggs a bit so it really sops up lots of egg - the more the better!

For some variety, you might want to try Peppridge Farm cinnamon raisin swirl bread. They also make a whole wheat version and my DD doesn't notice the difference. I keep a loaf in the freezer and pull out a few slices of bread at a time when I'm ready to make the french toast!

MMMMMmmmm... delicious!

Amy Z

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07-18-2006, 11:46 AM
Thanks for the tip. DD likes whole wheat bread, so that's no problem. I'll have to try the French toast using raisin bread since that would be easier and I won't have to go out and buy the Hawaiian bread. I also keep bread in the freezer.