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08-03-2006, 12:42 PM
I need help getting organized. I thought a monthly menu that I just rotated through might help.

Any ideas?




08-03-2006, 11:33 PM
I do a weekly/seasonal menu. We seem to grill in the spring and summer. I prefer to do the oven dishes in the fall/winter. My menu is generated based upon what is fresh from the CSA/garden and what is the door buster at the grocery store. I generally make two or three items out of one cooking. For instance in the summer I tend to have my husband cook multiple items at once on the grill. This week I had him grill bacon wrapped turkey tenderloins to eat immediately, grilled chicken breast to make sack lunches out of and several italian sausages to slice up in a pasta toss for the next evenings meal. I also do some freezer cooking. For instance last Sunday afternoon I cooked 50 italian meatballs so I can just pull a few out to add to pasta for a quick 20 minute meal several times in the next month. I usually have shredded smoked chicken, meatballs, and plain diced grilled chicken in the freezer to add to a quick entree.

Sunday: Cook a large item to eat off of for several days. Baked chicken, Pork Roast, Grilled Pork Tenderloins.
Monday: Use leftovers from Sunday in a different form.
Tuesday: More leftovers or a hearty dinner salad.
Wednesday: Crockpot or baked item prepped on Tuesday evening.
Thursday: Leftovers from previous day served with fresh bread and different vegtable so it seems a little different.
Friday: Something quick with precooked meat.

Sunday options:
Baked Chicken turns into fajitas, chicken 'n gravy over biscuits, shredded with BBQ sauce, chicken salad pitas with grapes, pot pie, etc.
Pork Roast turns into stir-fry, vinegar BBQ, shepards pie, German apples 'n onions, hash, etc.
Wednesday options:
Seasoned meat for tacos & enchiladas
Pulled BBQ pork
5 bean chili
Mexican lasagna
Pea soup
Ham 'n bean soup
Chicken pot pie
Lamb stew
Shepard's pie

I find I can't plan meals a month out because I base my menus on fresh produce and grocery store specials. I do plan out my once in a great while type items a month in advance.... things I only make a couple of time a year like chop suey or pork steak 'n kraut.


08-29-2006, 12:58 PM
I plan about two weeks at a time, but for sure you could do a monthly plan! Something that helped get me started was the thread -- Amy (Daisymom's) planning thread -- it is wonderful. she has options for each day of the week. I do the same. for instance, monday is pasta day, tuesday chicken, wednesday beef/pork, thursday soup, friday date night, saturday a family favorite, sunday crockpot/casserole. then under those categories you can put the dishes you eat. then for that month you can plan your meals accordingly. i also have a list of all sides i use and then i pair them up with my meals accordingly. does that make sense? I also have looked at Flylady.net and savingdinner.com (they have the correct link for savingdinners on flylady.net) for lots of help. seriously check out the pinned thread called amy's planning thread, you'll get plenty of ideas!!


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