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08-16-2006, 01:14 PM
I luuuuv soup - and because fall is right around the corner (hopefully) I would like to start cooking more soup. My favorites are Crisper's tomatoe basil, Panera's cream of chicken and wild rice, and Ruby Tuesday's Chicken Chili. Anyone have recipies for similar soups - or care to share any soup recipe?


08-16-2006, 01:34 PM
I love this soup! It takes a long time to make (cooking time is about 2 1/2 hours!), but makes a lot and freezes well.

White Bean, Pasta, and Sausage Soup

1 cup dried white beans (8 ounces)
4 cups water (32 ounces)
12 cups chicken broth (96 ounces)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 pound Italian sausage, hot or sweet; or turkey sausage (optional)
1 cup diced onions (1 1/2 medium) (5 1/2 ounces)
1 cup sliced carrots (2 medium) (4 ounces)
1 cup diced celery (4 ounces)
4 cloves garlic, peeled and minced (4 to 6)
1 bay leaf
1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes (1 ounce) diced (or dried tomato flakes)
1 1/2 teaspoons oregano
3/4 teaspoon thyme
1 cup uncooked pasta (elbows (5 ounces dry) or a similar size)
1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese (1 ounce)

Soak the beans in the 4 cups of water. You can soak them overnight, or do a "quick soak" by bringing the beans and water to a boil, removing them from the heat, and letting them soak for 1 hour. (Or use 2 15oz cans white beans, rinsed and drained.) Drain the beans, discarding the water, and place them in a large soup pot with 8 cups of the chicken broth.

Turn the heat to medium-low, and begin to heat the beans and broth while you cook the sausage and vegetables.

Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan, and sauté the vegetables until the onions are translucent. Add the vegetables, garlic, and bay leaf to the beans in the chicken stock. Simmer for 1 hour.

Meanwhile, place the sausage in a saucepan, cover it with water, and simmer until the sausage is cooked through. Remove it from the pan, drain and discard the water, and when the sausage is cool enough, cut it into 1/2" slices.

Add the remaining 4 cups broth, the cooked sausage, tomatoes, oregano, and thyme. Simmer for another 75 minutes. Add the pasta, and simmer for 15 to 30 minutes, or until the pasta is tender. Serve hot, sprinkled with the fresh parsley and Parmesan cheese.

08-16-2006, 03:12 PM
Wow! Your recipe sounds great! I was going to post this a few weeks ago in a thread about peppers...It's a quickie soup, but it's really good. I'll have to look and see what else I've got in the recipe box, because we love soup, but I haven't made any in months.

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

2 T. veg. oil
1 medium onion, quartered and thinly sliced
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 poblano or anaheim peppers, seeded and thinly sliced
salt & black pepper
1 c. shredded carrots
6 c. (or 1 1/2 qts.) chicken broth
1 1/2 lb. chicken tenders or thinly sliced chicken cutlets
2 small bundles from a 3.75 oz. package of bean thread noodles or rice noodles
3 T. cilantro leaves, chopped
15 fresh basil leaves, chopped
1 lime
drizzle toasted sesame oil (optional)

Heat a large soup pot with veg. oil over high heat. Add sliced onion, chopped garlic, and sliced peppers. Season with salt and pepper, and cook, stirring frequently, for 2 minutes. Add carrots and chicken broth. Cover with a lid and bring up to a simmer. Once simmering, add the chicken and simmer 5 minutes. Add noodles and simmer 5 more minutes. Remove from heat-- add cilantro, basil, and juice of 1 lime. If desired, add a drizzle of toasted sesame oil, then serve.

08-17-2006, 07:59 AM
Here is an easy Turkey/Chicken Chili recipe from Cooking Light. It's a great recipe to use up left over chicken.

White Turkey/Chicken Chili

1 Tbl butter
1 1/2 cups chopped onion
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper
1 Tbl minced seeded jalapeno pepper
1 garlic clove minced
3 cups chopped cooked turkey or chicken (about 15 oz)
2 (19 oz) cans cannellii beans or other white beans, drained and divided
1 (14 oz) cans fat-free, less sodium chicken broth
1 4.5 oz can chopped green chiles
1 cup frozen whole-kernel corn
1 1/2 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 cup 1% low-fat milk
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro

1. Melt butter in large Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add onion and next 4 ingredients (onion through garlic), and sauté for 5 min. Add turkey, 1 1/2 cups beans, broth and next 6 ingredients (broth through black pepper): bring to boil. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer for 15 minutes.

2. Mash remaining beans. Add mashed beans and milk to turkey mixtures. Simmer, uncovered, 20 minutes or until thick, stirring frequently. Stir in cilantro.


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08-18-2006, 10:10 PM
Cheddar-Topped Corn Chowder:
6 slices bacon
1 large onion, diced
3 carrots, diced
2 med potatoes, cubed
1/2 red bell pepper, diced
1.5tsp salt, .5 tsp pepper
.5 tsp thyme
1 qt whole milk
4 cups fresh or canned corn
1 or 2 cups halfnhalf (sub w/ some milk for lowfat)
4 oz shredded cheddar

Cook bacon till crisp, set aside to drain. Saute onion and potato in EVOO w/ salt/pepper 4 min. Add bell pepper, saute 3 min. Add corn & milk. Simmer 10 min. Add thyme-through pepper & half n half. Cook 2 min. Cool slightly and puree 2 or 3 cups in a blender until rich and smooth. Add to remaining soup and stir. Ladel into bowls and top with bacon crumbles and a pile of shredded cheddar & serve.

Pantry Tortilla Chicken Soup:

Combine 3 cups chicken broth, 14oz can diced tomatoes, can Medium Rotel w/ Cilantro, drained can of diced chicken, can of each: corn, hominy, black beans. Spice w/ pinches of cumin & cayenne. Simmer on low for 25 min.

Scoop into bowls and serve with shredded mexican or cheddar cheese, crunched tortilla chips, dollop of sour cream and sliced scallions.

My favorite is Black Bean Soup, but I'm not at home so I don't have my cookbook infront of me. Will post it later since it's divine!

Have fun...it's been slowly cooling off (although I know warmer weather is still hanging around for another 2 months), but I just picked up two soup starters today dreaming of cooler nights! Yum.

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08-28-2006, 09:18 AM
I found this recipe online at McCormick.com and can I just say - YUMMY! And it was sooo easy too!

1 tablespoon vegtable oil
1 pound of boneless chicken breasts cut into 3/4 cubes
1 package of McCormick White Chicken Chili Seasoning (you can use less of the packet depending on how spicy you want it)
1 cup water (however I used milk instead to make it creamier)
1 can white beans undrained (I used navy beans)
1 can tomatoes, diced and drained (although I used 1/2 a can)

Heat oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Add chicken, cook and stir 5 minutes or until golden

Stir in seasoning, water (or milk), beans, and tomatoes. Bring to a boil, then cover and let simmer.

Add cheese (if desired) and serve!!

The longest part of this recipe was cutting up and frying the chicken. So all in all it probably took 15 minutes to throw together and it was really yummy! However, eating it in 90 degree weather just doesn't doesn't seem right - come on fall - hurry up and get here! ;)

Also a big THANK YOU to all that have shared their recipes with me - they sound so yummy and I can't wait to try them!

08-28-2006, 09:24 AM
Here's another easy soup recipe - and it is also very very good! However, it was very very thick (almost too thick) and I burned my rice on the bottom of the pot (figures) - but hopefully you'll have better luck than me!

1 can of cream of celery soup
2 cans of cream of chicken soup
1 box (or less) of pre-cooked wild rice
1 can of chicken (drained)
1/2 cup of minute rice
3 cups of milk
1 cup of raw carrots, cut up or shredded
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon of pepper.

Mix all ingredients together in a large pot and bring to a low boil, then cover. Simmer until carrots and rice are soft.

ETA: I found another easy creamy tomato basil recipe that I want to try later this week - if it's any good, I'll post that one here too.

08-30-2006, 04:05 PM
Gypsy Soup from Moosewood:

Recipe By: Mollie Katzen, "Moosewood Cookbook"
Serving Size: 4 Preparation Time: 1:30

3 tablespoons olive oil -- up to 4T
2 cups chopped onion
2 cloves chopped garlic
2 cups sweet potatoes -- chopped & peeled (Or winter squash)
1/2 cup chopped celery
1 cup chopped fresh tomatoes
3/4 cup chopped sweet peppers
1 1/2 cups cooked chickpeas
3 cups stock or water
2 teaspoons paprika
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon basil
1 teaspoon salt
dash cinnamon
dash cayenne
1 bay leaf
1 tablespoon tamari soy sauce
In a soup kettle or large saucepan, saute onions, garlic, celery and sweet potatoes in olive oil for about five minutes.
Add seasonings, except tamari, and the stock or water.
Simmer, covered, fifteen minutes.
Add remaining vegetables and chickpeas.
Simmer another 10 minutes or so - until all the vegetables are as tender as you like them.
NOTES : The vegetables used in this soup are flexible.
Any orange vegetable can be combined with green...for example, peas or green beans could replace the peppers.
Carrots can be used instead of, or in addition to the squash or sweet potatoes, etc.