View Full Version : Suggestions for 4mth old on the beach

01-09-2008, 09:43 PM
Hello - I am heading to Florida with our 4 month old next month. Dad wont be making the trip. I am nervous enough about getting through security without dropping her!

That said, I hope a few of you could share what you have used at the pool or on the beach to A. keep the baby entertained B. Keep the baby out of the sun C. Keep the baby safe?

The place we are heading has poolside chairs, but what do you really do with a four month old? Does she sit in the stroller? Do I hold her all day? SHould I bring a bumbo or something like that?


01-15-2008, 11:57 PM
for the airport:
bring a stroller - and ask for help. (if you have a bjorn - wear dd until you walk through security - take dd out and put hte bjorn on the xray)
put everything through xray - then ask for the checker people to help you put the stroller up on the xray - that way you don't have to put dd down

all I can tell you about the sun is that you shouldn't use sunscreen until dd is 6 months old - so I'd say get a sun tent so dd can be outside with you and out of the sun -

whatever dd does at home - i'd think about bringing that...
i've broken down the bouncer and packed that in a suitcase and taken it with me several times.

good luck!

01-16-2008, 12:52 AM
I have the KidCo PeaPod Travel bed, and we used it out in the yard over the summer when DD was about 4mo.
I think it would be great for the hard poolside concrete, as it has an inflatable mattress. It also folds up really small and flat so it would be good for travel. You will probably want to have something by the pool where you can set the baby down in a safe spot if you need to adjust your chair or towel or something. And with the PeaPod thing, you can just put the baby in there and zip it up. It keeps the sun off too.

01-24-2008, 09:22 PM
We brought 10 month olds to the beach a few years ago. We brought a sun tent made by Prince Lionheart, and a pool float that baby can sit in the middle of:

http://pooltoy.com/mybabyfloat.html;_ylc=X1MDMjAyMjI3NjA5OQRfcgMyBGJ0 A3Byb2QtY2xpY2sEZHN0aQNteWJhYnlmbG9hdARpbkFycmF5Aw RzaQNjcnlzdGFsY2xlYXIEc3JjaQNkZWxiYWJmbG9hdAR2X21u A3JQcm9kQWZmBHZfb3JkAzEEdl9yaWQDNV9tdWRfMTIyMTQ3Nj A3OAR2X3NuA3N0b3Jlcy5wcm9kdWN0cmVjb3M-

Buy a one piece high SPF rash suit to keep baby out of the sun, and bring several hats - preferable with large brims or flaps.

Our kids sat in strollers when we were near the pool (and not playing with them.)