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01-16-2008, 05:43 PM
We are going to be in Florida in March and want to spend one day at Disney with our 3 year old and 4 month old. Is this crazy?? We are considering flying in on a Tuesday afternoon and going to our next destination in Florida either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. My guess is that we should see the Magic Kingdom (i.e. get up early and stay there until my 3 year old crashes in the afternoon?)

I haven't been to Disney since I was five, so I'd love ANY suggestions on where to stay, what to see, whether to do a character meal and what type of stroller to bring (we have a double, a bugaboo with a riding board or a Maclaren that isn't suitable for an infant) and - really - anything else I need to know!! Thanks in advance.

01-16-2008, 09:02 PM
I think this is a great idea. I think you can really enjoy Magic Kingdom in 1 day. Of course you won't see everything but you can have a really good time and the kids won't get burned out like they might on a full vacation there. I would alllow the full day and travel the next morning. I think it doesn't matter where you stay as long as it is close. I don't think I'd bother staying on-site.

I just posted this in another similar thread:

Magic Kingdom is the right choice! I was just there in Dec and my 3.5yo DS loved:

-Spectro Magic Parade, this was a highlight of our trip. I will never forget their faces as the lighted floats first appeared in the street.
-Just about all the rides in Fantasy Land -Dumbo, Peter Pan, Small World etc.
-Pirates & Haunted Mansion! I thought he may be scared but he loved them.
-Goofy's Barnstormer, first 'real' roller coaster ride.
-My 3yo was not a huge fan of the characters (except a few odd times) but many kids love meeting all the characters. My older one does and was happy to wait in line to get a hug, picture, and autograph as often as he could.

Oh, and on the stroller. What kind of double? If you are driving it doesn't really matter. You will only have to fold it up and carry if you ride the WDW train. Otherwise it is parked outside rides. If it steers great that it a huge bonus. You want the infant to be comfortable to sleep so I'd pick based on that. My guys barely used the strollers the first 2 days of our recent trip (they are 3.5 & 5), but after that they rode a lot. So your 3yo may not even need it. I would suggest a baby carrier (bjorn or sling or whatever you use) for the 4mo. I went in Dec '04 when my little guy was 4 months and that was great to have. You have to park the stroller and wait in possibly long lines for rides so carrying may be a pain, especially if the baby is sleeping. You can 'wear' the baby right onto the rides.

Have fun!

01-21-2008, 06:35 PM
If we do stay at the park, where is the easiest place to stay? We may have to bring a double stroller, so is Contemporary easier because of the monorail? Or perhaps Wilderness Lodge because of the ferry? Or should we simply plan to drive to Magic Kingdom? thanks for any help!

01-21-2008, 08:39 PM
If it is in you budget, it would be nice to stay at the Contemporary. The monorail is great to get to Magic Kingdom because it brings you right to the gate (even closer then the buses). If you wanted to go back to the room for a rest it would be vey doable. If you aren't on the monorail and you are going to have a car anyway it doesn't really matter where you stay. I'm not sure about the ferry from WL. The Grand Floridian & Polynesian are also on the monorail.

Do you plan on spending time at the hotel on your check-in/out days? Do you plan on being in the park all day?

01-21-2008, 09:24 PM
I would suggest the Contemporary because you can actually walk to MK from there.