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02-18-2008, 11:44 PM
We will be going on our first family trip next week to stay in a fully-equipped condo an hour and a half from home, in order to go XC skiing. I am OK regarding DS' clothing and feeding paraphanalia, but I am not sure what else we really *need*. I have always had a tendancy to overpack, and we will have very little room in the car this time as his pulk will take up much of the trunk. DH has been joking that we could take both cars, but that is NOT an option! We need to figure out how to do this so we can go on a bigger trip this summer to visit my parents back home.

Here is what I have decided so far:

To take...
-the Pack-n-Play with extra sheets for sleeping
-cloth diapers, washcloths and towels for various messes
-Kushies portable diaper changing mats
-his favorite bear
-his bouncer (which folds flat) rather than the Bumbo, which needs constant close supervision

Not sure...
-his activity mat with hanging toys
-other toys?
-the portable mobile, or the full-blown one he's used to
-the Sleep Sheep

Not planning on bringing...
-either stroller since we are not planning on going for walks, and can park close to any store in the small town where we're staying
-the highchair - I'd rather make do with the Baby Bjorn bouncer since it folds flat and is light

We plan on skiing for a good part of the day, but I am not certain exactly what to bring in terms of "entertainment" for the times when we are not. DS likes his stuffed toys, hanging toys, ball and a few other things, but he surely doesn't need them all. So how much does he need?

While we will be in a small town with only a grocery store, pharmacy and a few restaurants, we will be within driving distance of places with baby supplies if necessary - but would rather not have to buy seconds of something we already have at home!

Any suggestions or tips for travelling (tho not far!) with baby would be appreciated :) TIA

02-19-2008, 12:37 AM
(If your little guy is using bottles) I always made sure I brought an extra bottle drying rack (mine folded flat), don't forget your bottle brush and a small dish soap if you have specific kind you like to use. Bring some bottled water to mix formula in case the water has a funky taste etc.

We had a portable highchair that folded up (by Safety 1st) that attached to a chair or could sit on the floor that we brought with us.

If your little guy is used to a night light bring it with you.

We also had a blowup duck tub that we used on trips, it made the bath fun and if you're not sure how the tub is set up it's helpful.

Have so much fun (I'm assuming baby will be riding in a backpack while your skiing-how cool!). Are you headed up to the Laurentians???

02-19-2008, 12:58 AM
Thanks - I hadn't thought about a night light, or whether we would wash him all week! I am definitely bringing my pump and bottle things since he is refusing the breast more and more (teething!)

We are going down to the Eastern Townships (Magog), though we had considered the Gatineau (your neck of the woods) as well. There is just tons of snow everywhere here this year, so we certainly aren't limited for choices. We have this great sled-like thing called a babyglider with a harness inside it that he rides in. It was actually invented by a guy from Ottawa. The top is covered with a little plexiglass screen and it's all cinched up around him so he's quite cozy. Most other skiers don't believe we actually have anyone in it when they see us!