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02-21-2008, 05:59 PM
We had planned on taking the boys (5.5 and almost 3) to DisneyWorld this year until I found out I was pregnant. I'm now considering DisneyLand and Legoland instead. I would be between 23 and 26 weeks along. It would be a longer flight but the parks would be smaller. I know every pregnancy is different but I'm wondering how much you were able to do at this stage of your multiples pregnancy and if you think I can handle cruising around the parks with my husband and two boys. My husband is very hesitant to plan anything because we don't know how I'll feel at that time but I'm feeling guilty about the boys not getting to do anything fun this summer (besides possibly a trip to the beach) since I'm sure we won't be making any big trips for a while after the twins are born.


02-23-2008, 10:33 PM
If you can postpone a trip, I'd say do it. But if you are going to go, go as soon as possible. I just went back and looked at my diary. At 20 weeks I looked and felt 8 months pregnant. At 24 weeks I was horribly uncomfortable and tired. I seriously think you will be miserable if you go anytime after 20 weeks. Besides, at that point, you are getting dangerously close to when many twins pregnancies start preterm labors. Have you talked to your doctor?

02-24-2008, 10:38 AM
I'd second that opinion...I gave birth at 36/37 weeks the end of January in 2005. The last time I drove was right after Thanksgiving in 04. I was very big and couldn't get far enough away from the steering wheel and still see through the side mirrors and such...

After that, I pretty much stayed around the house except for weekly doctor's appointments. I started to avoid stairs as well...

(With my first daughter, I worked full-time until the day she was born...)

My twin girls were 6.11 and 7.2 so I was very big....

That far along with twins, I can't imagine going on vacation with two active boys and flying...Lots of walking...Stairs...Very tiring...

I'd go now, too...Or think of some alternatives...

I agree that is the time to do everything possible to keep those babies inside for as long as possible...

:) Jen
mom to Emily, Sarah & Abigail

02-24-2008, 12:03 PM
Thanks so much for your replies. I have an appt. with my doctor this week so was planning on talking to her then. I really appreciate your BTDT advice as I have no idea what to expect with this pregnancy. After I talk to my doctor I'll look at either doing something earlier or closer to home.

Thanks again!

02-29-2008, 04:49 PM
We went to Hawaii with my 19mo DD when I was ~20 weeks pregnant with my twins. I sat alot (which was nice) but didn't feel like doing a whole lot. I wasn't allowed to go more than an hour away after 24 weeks ... not even to DH's cousin's wedding in Indiana - which I wasn't TOO unhappy about, come to think of it! :-)

03-04-2008, 09:32 PM
I was one of those who went into pre-term labor at 25 weeks, but it was due to extreme stress, and doing a bit too much in the heat. DH was activated in the Army Reserves, some family drama, its a long story.

Anyway, despite the stress, the heat was a killer. I was hot all the time. I drank and drank water. After the trip to the hospital (scariest time of my life, I was alone because DH was actived and got no cell signal where he was-but was with me about 10 hrs later) I had to take terbutiline (sp?) every 4 hours for contractions-and on full time bedrest. The Rx makes you real jittery. They kept DH around his unit (Birmingham, AL) most of the time (all during pregnancy) and we had a decent apt. The twins were early due to pre-eclampsia, but they were very healthy.

Every pregnancy is different, some woman could have handled the stress and the heat. I've gone thru alot since then and I do consider myself a stronger woman. Anyway, I just have to recommend to everyone pregnant with twins that far along stay away from the heat in the summer.

Noah and Jonas
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