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04-11-2008, 02:17 PM
My father is a professional photographer and he gave me this tip: Check the local parks in your area. The site I found(well actually he told me about it after shooting a wedding there :) is a large stone building built after WW2 located on a bluff over looking Lake Michigan. The location is to die for and the price.....$75 per day! I about dropped the phone when the park ranger told me! I will rent some tables and linens but I will still save so much money! I am going to rent it for three days so we can decorate the day before and clean up the day after.

ps I LOVE this book! It has been like a bible to me! It is going to save me sooooo much money! I have told all my friends & co-workers about it!

05-19-2008, 06:36 PM
Although prices at parks are low in general, you also have to watch the rental costs, possibly added delivery fees, insurance costs, ...

Prices for tables run $9.50-11.50 (seating 8-10 people), chairs are $1.55 the cheapest I've seen (non-white, lightweight folding chairs. It's $3+ for white chairs). Table linens are $9-13 each, although I found sources online where I can purchase them for the same price.

All vendors at the park we are going to be in have to have insurance with special wording for the park- the vendors may/may not pass any additional costs for that onto you.

All-in-all, I don't think we're saving much money by having our wedding & reception at the park (initially I was excited about the cheaper price tag, but add $1000 for the cheapest rentals for 150 people and we could have rented out a hall for less that had the tables/chairs included). We are getting married on a mountain which made things a bit more complicated as far as delivery, etc. than the average park. It made planning a bit more complicated. I do love the location and am still very happy and excited about it! Just a bit of a warning to other brides...