View Full Version : Ultimate users guide to Disney Cruises & packing list in excel!

06-21-2008, 02:06 AM
Well, after my 10-day research, we ended up scratching the idea b/c of the cost. But if anyone is going, it will be worth while to check out this webpage: the author painstakingly consolidated all the notes from the Disboard cruise forum. There are a lot of tips here. Could be kind of overwhelming actually. May actually prevent you from wanting to go! LOL.


And another kind soul actually put all the tips together and put everything into one excel file, including the ultimate packing list! Again, it looks daunting and one wonders how you are not going to sink that ship with all the stuff that everybody is bringing onto the ship! One of the best tips I saw: FedEx your heavy items to the port before your trip.


My sincere thanks to all these kind people who share their wisdom.