View Full Version : Cork Place Card Holders

07-17-2008, 09:19 PM
We were shocked when we priced place cards holders for my daughter's winery themed wedding. Everything that fell into that theme was $2 or more, to hold a place card. We found a picture of one cork, cut in half and then a slit cut in for the place card to slide in. They wanted $2 for these.
We were sitting at the table after dinner, playing with the corks from dinner.
We stood four up on their end and tied a ribbon around it, then slid the card in between the two rows of corks.
I bought the corks on Ebay. 800 corks for $80 and bought the ribbon at Efavormart for $1.99 for 100 yards of 3/8" pink satin ribbon. (I bought two rolls and a bottle of craft glue)
We made 200 place card holders for roughly $.45 each.