View Full Version : Valco Trimode stroller questions

07-27-2008, 08:34 PM
We just had b/b twins and I am starting to look into double strollers. We currently have a double snap n go to use for awhile. For those of you with a double valco trimode stroller, does this stroller fit in the back of your minivan or car? We have a Honda Odyssey and I am not sure if this stroller would easily fit in the back. I am also concerned about how the stroller folds. We do not have a dealer for this stroller in our area so I am unable to try it out. Are there other similar strollers that you would also recommend? Would you consider using the Valco as your main stroller or would I need to get another stroller for everyday use? I would rather get one double stroller, but I am not sure what stroller would best meet all my needs. I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you.

07-28-2008, 03:10 PM
It's pretty heavy. We just got ours - with the toddler seat on top it is not an easy fold - doable but not easy. Have you looked at the double bob rev or Baby Jogger City Series Double? Those have great folds. Also, the Baby jogger City mini is really light and very easy to fold. We plan to get that our for car (and my 2 year old will have to walk).

07-29-2008, 11:16 AM
I haven't seen the Valco in person - I do have a Baby Jogger City Classic Double that I just love and use for my primary stroller now - I have a minivan and it folds very easily and I just put it in the back of the van - no problem with fit at all. It's definitely not the lightest thing in the world but I just love it so!

08-03-2008, 11:32 PM
I have 4 month old twins and I LOVE my Valco! That being said... I think it depends on your situation. I live in a downtown historic district with uneven/ cobblestone sidewalks. My children would have been shaken to death by a regular stroller! Also, I am a runner and the Valco can be used for both my daily stroller as well as used for excercise. Finally, I need one stroller that can do it all, as our home has limited storage.

So, considering how you plan to use it, the Valco may be just the stroller for you.

Some of the other benefits that may apply to you... it has full recline, so I was able to use it from day one with my girls. (I never used a Snap n Go that everyone raves about.) You can add a toddler seat to the front so if you had a 3rd child, you wouldn't have to start all over stroller shopping. It fits through every door I have tried to take it through... and that includes the doors in my home.

Finally, it does fit in the trunk of my car, which is the size of a Camry. I have to take the wheels off, but that is easy to do. It also fits with the wheels on in the trunk of my husband SUV.

But, if you will be using your stroller in the mall, grocery, park or neighborhood with decent sidewalks, then a smaller, lighter (cheaper) stroller may be perfect for you. In fact, I am now considering getting the lightest double umbrella I can find to haul my girls into the gym, doctors office, etc. The Valco really is not a great choice for these types of activities, because of the size, weight and the time it takes for set-up (not difficult, just a little time consuming).

Hope that helps!