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07-29-2008, 03:58 PM
I'm still a little confused about booking. Can someone see if I'm understanding correctly?

If I book through AAA, I can book a package or a room only rate. The perk to the package is prefered parking and some other little things. You only get a discount on the room portion though. Is that right?

Part 2- If I book a package through AAA, then a better code comes out, they will apply it for me, right?

Part 3- If I book just the room right now, I can pay less of a deposit, and don't have to pay the balance until arrival. Then later, I can add on the dining plan, but it won't be considered a package b/c I didn't book it at the same time, right?

This stuff is so confusing!

07-29-2008, 09:33 PM
I always book myself directly through Disney. I like to make my own phone calls to them and be sure things are straightened away. AAA only gives you a discout on the room (not a package); I think that you can even get the AAA discount yourself directly through Disney but not 100% sure about that.

If you book through AAA and a discount code comes out, they won't automatically apply it. You'll have to call to get it applied, and then it will depend on availability for that code at that resort. Also, it will replace the AAA discount.

If you book the room now, you pay a 1 night deposit (plus tax) and pay the balance upon arrival. You can cancel up to 5 days ahead and get all your money back. If you switch to a package (room + tickets + dining), then you have to pay in full 45 days in advance (though you only lose like $200 if you cancel between 45 days and something close to your arrival date).

I don't think that you can add dining without adding tickets (minimum 1 day), at least that's the way it used to work. I don't think that has changed, unless you hold an annual pass. So if you add dining, you'll have to add tickets, and you'll be considered on a package. That can also throw off your discount code - they are different (different availability, sometimes different rates) for packages and room-only.

07-29-2008, 11:12 PM
Another day of research later....

I called both AAA and Disney today and compared a bunch of stuff. AAA actually *does* offer a discounted package, and it's about $400 less than Disney's package on a mod! I asked for 8 day park hopper tix, the basic dining plan, and the room. Disney's rate was $2753. AAA's rate was $2369- both with tax, no insurance. Granted the bulk of the discount is on the room-$361, but the tickets are also about $30 less. Also, like you said, if I don't do a package, I can't add the dining.

We checked on availability for a ton of resorts, and the bad news is POFQ has no AAA availability, but for $400, I think I'll deal with the extra walking. AKL was almost $1000 more, and Poly was $4317.

Now our choices (unless, of course some great deluxe code comes out or something) are the other 3 mods, so I think we're back to CSR. CBR doesn't seem to have anything that appealing about it, and if POR is just as big, I can't see the point of going with it either.

I'm planning on booking tomorrow, so hopefully I can take a break from all of this!

07-30-2008, 02:13 PM
I guess that I meant that AAA's discount on a package would only apply to the room-only portion. I'm surprised that you see a discount on tickets, too, but I know that you can get discounted tickets many places.

If you are going with a mod other than POFQ, I don't know if I'd pick CSR. It's a convention hotel, so it has different amenities and set-up than the other mods (and if you are there at the same time as a convention, different clientele). I don't think that there is a cheap counter service restaurant at CSR - the big restaurant there is counter-service style at prices that are almost as high as table service. POR at least has a counter-service restaurant at counter-service prices. We've stayed at POR a couple of times (and POFQ once) and really loved it - the boat ride to DTD is another little perk. The landscaping is really pretty, too, at the Port Orleans resorts.

What made you choose CSR over the other mods to begin with?

07-30-2008, 03:53 PM
Ooops- you're right Lori! I forgot that the uh... less than helpful person I spoke with at AAA last night only quoted me for a 5 day hopper for some reason- that's the $30 difference. AAA does discount tickets, but not in a package for whatever reason. Oh well, $370 savings is still a good start! :boogie:

Today I called our local office and asked for someone with a lot of Disney knowledge, and that worked out much better, and now we are official! Yay! Now hopefully everything goes well with the house sale this is all depending on. Cross your fingers and toes for me.

We went back and forth on which mod to choose for about a week now- looong drawn out convos, internet searching, DVD watching, etc. We decided on CSR as our second choice based on several things. We like the overall look a lot, love the pool, we love Mexican food, we're did decide to do the dining plan, so high CS prices aren't an issue, and we hear the transportation system there is great b/c of it being a convention hotel. I guess the convention folks don't tend to do the parks, so the busses are often pretty empty, and they don't share with any other resort.

The only downside (for us) was the size. If you get stuck in the back, it is nearly 1/2 a mile to the main building, but hopefully we'll get our up-front request and that won't be an issue. I told them we have a b-day and an anniversary while we're there, and I'm hoping that will help our cause.

Have you seen the unofficial website that one disboards member has set up for it? It's what originally swayed me when I started looking. I think it's just such a beautiful resort. Hopefully we'll love it, but if not, at least we won't be in the room all that much anyway. This is my first time staying on WDW property, so I'm really excited about just that fact.

I'm going to keep watching for new codes though- you never know, maybe we'll still end up in a deluxe!

08-06-2008, 01:07 PM
I guess the convention folks don't tend to do the parks, so the busses are often pretty empty,

We did NOT have this experience at CSR. The buses were as crowded as at other mods. JMO.

Have you seen the unofficial website that one disboards member has set up for it? It's what originally swayed me when I started looking. I think it's just such a beautiful resort.

I'm familiar with that site. FWIW, I don't htin that DISer has kids or else his kids are much older. It IS a beautiful resort, but given the choice of CSR vs POR I'd take POR. At POR you have the option of walking over to POFQ for a change of pace. You can also take a boat (I think) to Downtown Disney.