View Full Version : Trip Insurance - yes or no?

08-03-2008, 04:11 PM
I have never had trip insurance before, but this is an expensive trip and with a child involved, everything can change! I saw the other thread on this page, but there wasn't much response and I am not concerned about airline bankruptcy since I don't there are any carriers that cover that.

So I booked a Jan 2009 package today at a deluxe resort and bought my airline tickets on July 21st which unless I get insurance today, puts me out of the 14 day range imposed by some insurers for coverage for the air portion. I am flying out of Wisconsin, so winter storms are a potential factor. I am also mildly concerned about some kind of interruption while vacationing forcing us to leave early.

I know Disney packages can be canceled up to the last minute for only a $200 penalty and their insurance costs $133 for 2 adults, so excluding airfare bought on our own, that is not much savings. However if we are forced to leave early for some reason, I guess that money would be worth it.

I tried insuremytrip.com, but am overwhelmed with all the possibilities and exclusions.

So does anyone get trip insurance and do you have any company recommendations? If you don't get it, can you share your rationale?


08-04-2008, 02:05 AM
replying to my own thread!

I just spent hours researching disboards and a few others for recommendations. I looked at the tripinsurancestore and squaremouth in addition to insuremytrip and liked the layout of the first 2 sites better.

I ended up booking through squaremouth with travelguard gold as my 14 days are up today (for pre-existing conditions) and I wanted to book something. I can cancel within 15 days if I decide to go with travelite (2nd choice) through travelex as I have 21 days from first payment to book with them.

It looks as if some companies do insure against carrier default and travelguard is one of them, though there may be some loopholes I did not see.

I ended up paying $148 for $4500 trip coverage for 3 people for 8 nights/9 days. Hopefully we don't have to use it, but my paranoid self can rest a little easier now!