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09-05-2008, 02:24 PM
My very good friend is pregnant with twin girls and is due late Nov. She has only just lately started thinking about baby stuff. They are very minimilistic about their possessions etc and dont really want to pile up baby stuff especially in twos.
I am helping her decide on the absolutely essential nursery/layette/gear that she needs. I would really appreciate any input from all of you experienced with twin-needs! Weather-wise she lives in SoCal where it will be cold but not freezing in Nov.

A few Qs in particular

- she is quite interested in cloth diapering. Is this practical? I had suggested waiting till about 8 weeks maybe to start CDing, especially if there are preemie, adjustment issues etc.

- Is there a twins/multiples board that you reccomend?



09-05-2008, 04:06 PM
My girls are 5 months... here is what works for us.

1 swing (we got two: one travel and one big... they don't like the travel swing; its in the closet)

1 bouncy seat (we got two... one is in the closet)

1 activity gym

1 excersaucer

1 jumperoo

2 boppies (we use them to prop the girls for bottle feedings, etc. They have been MUCH handier than I thought they would be. If she is planning to breatfeed and is successful she may prefer a different type of feeding pillow)

2 bumbo seats (I'd start with one- my girls LOVE them... many children do not)

2 cribs (many people have their twins share at the beginning, but eventually you will need two. I seperated my girls from day one.)

TONS of bibs, burp cloths, etc. (most twins are born early and premature babies have a much higher incidence of reflux. Lots of spit-up to deal with!!!)

8-10 receiving blankets (I got a lot as gifts, but they are great to bundle up the girls in their car seats, cover the car seats if the babies are premature and you don't want people looking at them...)

2 Baby Bjorns (my girls love to be outside so we take them on a lot of walks this way. 1 is also handy to have at the grocery store so that you can put one car seat in your cart and "wear" the other baby. Otherwise, you may have to push one cart with the kids and pull another for food. Lots of moms of multiples like the maxi-mom carrier. I know nothing about it.)

1 stroller (many people use a double "snap and go" at first and love them. I only bought one stroller and it has been great. I got the side by side Valco and I love it! I've used it from the beginning... it has wheels that lock so that you can use it as a jogging stroller as well.)

Regarding you other questions... I use disposable diapers on my girls, but know there are a LOT of MOM's that cloth diaper. Check on the boards below.

www.twinsmagazine.com (my favorite)
www.ivillage.com (multiples site is under "family size")

Hope this all helps. The most important advise right now is to go ahead and get necessities. The VAST number of twins are born early (in fact most OB's consider "term" 37 weeks). Also, carrying two babies is tough on your body and she may not feel like doing a whole lot at the end.

Good Luck to her!

09-09-2008, 04:25 PM
Thank you!!!

09-09-2008, 04:57 PM
I know there are many MoMs who do CD, but I also know several die-hards who quit once they had multiples. I think your advice to wait until 8 weeks or so is sound, especially when you consider the higher possibility of prematurity and with all you have to adjust to with parenting twins. I considered CDing but abandoned it; didn't feel like I could cope with the extra work. I'll be back later with more advice, we're going to go out to eat!