View Full Version : BFing Moms of Twins... please recommend a pump

03-15-2009, 08:51 PM
We're expecting twins this summer. I EBF our DD for six months and had only the manual Medela pump from the hospital. I didn't leave her much and it was so much easier to BF her than deal with pumping and using bottles.
HOWEVER, the manual pump isn't gonna work with the twins. I'm planning to purchase a nice one that will pump both sides at once. If you're a mom of multiples, please recommend a pump - thanks in advance!

03-16-2009, 09:59 AM
I exclusively pumped for 4 months with the Lansinoh double electric pump from Target, which is the same as an Ameda Purely Yours. I was able to establish an extremely good supply with it (65-70 oz/day). I was very diligent at pumping every 2 hours around the clock for the first 2 weeks, then every 3 hours until about 2 months, then I only needed to every 3 hours during the day and once or twice at night, depending on if the girls woke to eat.
Good luck finding a pump that you like!

03-17-2009, 11:11 PM
You may want to X post this in Kid Food as it may get more traffic. Many of us who BF needed pumps at one time or another so there is a lot of experience here. FWIW, I have never seen a pump marketed to mama's of multiples. A dual, electric pump would work well for you. I had an Ameda Purely Yours and it was wonderful.
Just my 2 cents.

03-18-2009, 12:03 AM
I have a PIS and have been renting a Medela Classic (not always available anymore -- my hospital still had a few). My supply was fine for the first 3 months, but I can just keep up with what they drink while I'm at work. (Anytime I get ahead, someone drinks an extra bottle...)

I like having the rental still because I keep it at work, and use the PIS for an additional pumping session at night at home.

03-18-2009, 12:49 AM
I'm not a mom of multiples, but if I were, I would definitely get the Medela Freestylve. It's a double pump that is hands free which you'll definitely need with twins. It's nice and small too.

03-18-2009, 03:36 PM
I rented a hospital grade pump for the first 3 months (don't remember which one) through my lactation consultant.

Then I bought whatever the heavy duty Medela pump in style was called. However many of my friends who were also exclusively pumping noticed a huge drop in supply when switching fromt he hospital grade pump.

03-18-2009, 03:55 PM
I would also recommend renting a pump. I had a new Medela PIS at home and my supply dropped way off when I started using it and sent the rental back - also got mastitis x 2 and a host of other issues that ultimately led me to give up pumping/BF'ing and go to formula. The PIS actually was painful for me to pump every single time, even on the lowest setting.

03-19-2009, 07:50 PM
Rent the Symphony. Long term rentals are no more than buying a $300 pump. I had a similar experience as the above poster - if you are exclusively pumping, like I was for twins, you will have a host of issues using a regular pump. Clogged ducts, etc. I even had to have an us because I had so many clogged ducts. This was after the holidays were I traveled with my trusty Ameda.

03-23-2009, 04:21 PM
Call your insurance company and see if they will cover the cost of pump rental. I have BCBS and they cover rental so I am not going to bother to buy unless there is a problem.
Good luck!

03-23-2009, 07:31 PM
I have BCBS too and didn't realize they cover it - THANKS so much!!!