View Full Version : Napping = how long is a nap suppose to be?

09-24-2009, 12:28 PM
I am going to pull the remaining hair out of may head today! I am trying to keep DS twins on the same schedule. If I don't it is non stop. this has been a particularly busy work week and I need time during the day to get my business work done. Problem- ds 2 recently has taken to sleeping like 30 min tops and being awake for hours at a time. ds1 is asleep which is nice for me and ds2 to spend some quality time together. But is this normal? I cannot remember what my other ds's did at this age (5 months) as far as naps. We seem all over the board. Maybe he is normal but it doesn't feel like it. He was up this morning- 7:45 is when I actually got him out of bed (dh had him before so who knows) and he took one -30 min nap around 9:45 and I just put him in the swing (which he promptly feel asleep) at noon. It is 12:21 and he is babbling a way again. Yesterday was like this too. Ds 1 took an hour nap and was awake 2 hours then repeat. DS2 who is so cheery and wants to be in the thick of things was 30 min nap then 3+ hours of awake. Then 30 min then more hours. Yikes. an suggestions?


09-24-2009, 02:14 PM
I think about an hour is typical and about 3x per day at that age.
The Healthy Sleep Habits books says more than 30 min counts as a nap.