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11-21-2009, 01:24 PM
Looking for a set of farm animals for 2.5 year old DS and his 5 year old big brother to play with. Maybe a barn too? Not looking to spend a ton of $$. Anyone have a set they love? Also would the barn get enough play to justify? In general it seems my boys like the people/animals better then the buildings- ie the knights don't always play inside the castle, the dolls don't spend alot of time in the house, the ark is almost always empty.... The dollhouse we have is really open ended and could be used as a barn in a pinch but I'm not 100% against a dedicated barn if it will add enough play value to justify the space it takes up.

11-21-2009, 02:36 PM
How about the Safari or Schleish animals?

11-21-2009, 02:58 PM
We have schliech animals as mentioned by the last poster. We have a great -- solid wood barn that is fantastic!! We purchased it from Outback Toys in PA -- they have a website. We have the barn pictured at the top of this page: http://www.outbacktoystore.com/Amish-Made-Barns. This barn also comes with animals stalls in the bottom of the barn and the ramp on the back is great as well for tractors (and the many other cars our boys run down it). They have smaller and larger barns here as well.

Best wishes in your search!

11-21-2009, 06:49 PM
we have the plan barn here (and tractor and stable/henhouse set). i only got these things because they were at a super discount, and like all toddlers, my child seems to be infatuated with all things farm :) it was a GREAT purchase for us. it gets tons of play by most every child that comes into our house. it's not TOO big, but it's big enough for two children to play together easily. it's very open and has doors to open close, a hay loft w/ladder etc.

that said, ithink we could have gotten away with something cheaper. we have the plan farm animals (and the horses/chicken that came with the stable set), and they are a nice chunky size and really are sweet looking....then again, we have some plastic little people animals (came with their own "house" which is really a graduated size toy but works on our "farm"), some wooden animals i got from atoygarden.com, some stuffed puppets/animals, a couple windup chickens, etc. sometimes even chunky puzzle piece animals come over to the farm and hang out (they are thick and stand on their own and i actually invested in the puzzles because of their figural quality)

i think the melissa and doug barns look nice- i look at the fold and go and think it would probably work very well with the smaller schleich animals...oh did i mention we have some of those we use with our barn? we do. we also have some "animalz" that i plan to give lucy over the holidays and i'm sure those will go with our barn too :)

my child is only 23 months, but she isn't fixated at all about things being matchymatchy or the same size. sometimes animals drive the tractor too-- i figure it's all good for the imagination and as she gets older we can talk about the size differences and classes of animals and stuff. for now, it's fun to have an ostrich or alligator at the farm!

we also have a wooden doll house and it's been put away since i got the farm out early in the summer. i've wanted to pull it back out but my child loves her farm so and we just don't have the room to have EVERYTHING out. i'm really pleased that we got the farm and i think we'll be enjoying for a longlong time (it's definitely a keeper toy for us too)

11-22-2009, 03:52 PM
I ended up getting the full size Melissa and Doug Fold and Go barn at a local indy toy store for $24 which I thought was a good deal :) Thanks for your help!