View Full Version : Am I supposed to give "double" for the birth of twins?

12-22-2009, 03:13 PM
Should I be giving a gift that is double the value of what I usually give when giving to twins? This is probably a silly question, but I've never had a friend who had twins before!

12-22-2009, 04:32 PM
I personally don't think so. I would just be sure the gift is either something both babies can use (like bathtub, baby monitor, etc) or something that is one for each baby (clothing, toys, etc). If you get burp cloths or something like that, then yeah it'd be nice to get enough for twins to use without mom having to do laundry all the time. I'd just pick a budget, and then find either a single item or a couple of items for the twins!

Oh and for toys, 2 different items (one for each baby) is great when they are younger than 6-8 months or so because the items will stimulate the babies differently and they won't be fighting over them. When they start getting to 8-10 months, then 2 of the SAME items is often more useful for Mom, so that she doesn't constantly have to break up fights:)

12-22-2009, 04:32 PM
if i'm giving something that is going to be used by the babies, i would give one for each baby. if i'm giving something that will be used by the parents (or anything that they don't need two of), i would probably give a more valuable gift. might be, but not necessarily, double in $ amount.

12-22-2009, 06:05 PM
If you're buying off a registry or typical gear I would just get whatever your buget allows for. If you're doing clothing I'd include something for each baby.

12-28-2009, 10:09 AM
You should give a gift from your heart that you can afford and that you want to give. I am a little biased because I have twins and know the incredible expenses of two on formula and diapers and extra gear, etc. It would depend on the gift you give. Individual items, such as clothes, etc., should be for each child. A swing or something that can be shared does not need to be. As your budget permits, though, and if I was shopping for someone else's twins, I would certainly give them extra for the shower, etc., as it is hard. I would have a mindset as treating them as two separate pregnancies. At the least I would give a normal gift and an extra box of diapers, etc. One good idea for twins is getting them some basic clothes, onesies or something that would be for them at an older age. Everyone gets gifts for the newborns and not for when they are larger.