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01-29-2010, 12:27 AM
The triple decker is the ONLY stroller that lets 3 infant carseats snap in (other than the peg perego which only takes 3 peg seats - and the peg infant seats are too large to fit 3 in most cars, definitely won't fit in my odyssey so that's out of the running for us. Most other triple strollers will only take 1 or 2 carseats - they're made for twins +1 not triplets).

After finally getting the snugride 32's into the car so I can have a stroller that snaps in 3 infant carseats, I've been foiled again...

Basically the triple decker is the ONLY stroller that lets 3 infant carseats snap in (other than the peg perego which only takes 3 peg seats - and the peg infant seats are too large to fit 3 in most cars, definitely won't fit in my odyssey so that's out of the running for us. Most other triple strollers will only take 1 or 2 carseats - they're made for twins +1 not triplets). So the triple decker was my only option, but hey, it takes snugrides, both 22's and 32's so I'm all set - or so I thought.

The TD actually takes the evenflo and the graco snugride (22 and 32) - three different models though, a different model depending on which carseats you're using. I had heard great things about the TD so I bought three snugride 32's and had a TD specially made to go with these seats to the tune of $400. I had previously used the baby trend snap n go single by the way (with my older son) and loved it - so I expected a triple version of this stroller (baby trend only makes a single and a double snap n go, no triple unfortunately) When the TD arrived we tried the seats in it - they snapped in easily alright but went in like bike seats, VERY vertical, not at all the angle that an infant carseat goes into the car. I called the company because I thought I had gotten the wrong model initially, maybe one had been sent to me that fit a different carseat - no, not the case... while customer service was very pleasant, they told me that that's the way it was designed and that the other carseats fit into it the same way (the snugride 22's and the evenflo) and at I should get a head propper. Well, sure I can prop the heads (using a rolled receiving blanket or propper) but that still leaves a lot of vertical pressure on little spines - and little heads lolling forward when they fall asleep in the seats. There is a reason that infant carseats are made so that the babies ride in a semi-reclined position and don't sit upright! Why on earth they would design a stroller that is designed specifically to accept *infant carseats* as it's primary purpose is totally beyond me. THUMBS DOWN TRIPLE DECKER!

All I can think of is that either the other carseats go in at a better angle (the snugride 22 and the evenflo) or that most mom's of multiples have never used a single stroller (snap n go or any of the others like it out there) and don't know how good it gets & don't know how crappy the choices are for triples by comparison.

Needless to say, this stroller got sent back & I haven't found another stroller that takes three snugrides... Think I'm stuck buckling and unbuckling everyone every time, ugh! And I'm also wondering why I bothered getting the snugrides at all now, I may as well have just gotten 3 convertibles in the first place since I don't have a stroller that can snap in 3 seats, I have to buckle and unbuckle every stinkin time. UGHHHH!

01-29-2010, 12:31 PM
Are you trying to put all 3 in a row? What carseat is your older DC in? What about returning the Gracos and getting the pegs. Put one in a captains chair and two in the 3rd row (I say this knowing how difficult it is to lift baby and carseat into the Odyssey in the first place) and have your other DC in the other captains chair (or 2 buckets in the captains chair, older DC and one bucket in the 3rd row). Just some thoughts which you have probably already gone through I'm sure.

01-29-2010, 11:39 PM
The 3 gracos won't all fit in one row & pegs are even bigger. (The 22's will fit in one row I think but I have the SN32's - mainly because my older son outgrew his infant seat in 5 min because he (and my dh) are so tall - wanted to avoid that this time). Currently we have my older sons Britax regent (regency? can't remember which) in the 3rd row with one infant seat and 2 infant seats in the 2nd row, one captains chair removed so one SN is on the middle pop up seat.

I need that 2nd row captains chair removed so I can get the 3rd SN into the 3rd row, with 2 captains chairs in the 2nd row, that's impossible (without taking child out and lifting it over upside down that is which defeats the purpose of the snap in snap out convenience). Two pegs are big enough that one won't fit into the pop up with the other right next to it in the captains chair. So I can't put any two seats in the two captains chairs in the 2nd row because then I can't get the 3rd SN into the 3rd row. And if I put 3 SN's in the 2nd row (assuming they would fit, not sure on that), then DS couldn't get to his seat inthe 3rd row because the 2nd row seats couldnt' fold forward with seats (or bases) in them, it would take an uninstall/reinstall each and every time.

Also considering putting all three SN's in the 2nd row, DS in the 3rd row but keeping 1/2 of the 3rd row seat always folded down, but then he would have to get in via the cargo/trunk area every time. Still... it's another option.

Dreaming of a conversion van....

01-30-2010, 09:19 PM
Oye. It is difficult. I have a 2006 Odyssey. I didn't think you could put an infant carrier on that seat. I would have liked to have done that as we have my DN with us a lot. Usually end up with 1 FF seat and 1 RF seat in the second row (jump seat removed and one seat pushed towards the center for access to the back). Then I have 1 FF seat in the middle of the back row.

I've seen those specailized multiples strollers (the tandem one with the white seats). I don't remember the company that makes them. I wonder if they make a stroller for infant seats though.

01-30-2010, 09:30 PM
I haven't tried it, but I remember reading that a Snugride (22) base will fit in the center seat.

01-30-2010, 09:36 PM
Yeah, putting 2 SN's in the 2nd row, one in the jumpseat was the only way they would all fit and give me access to all too. The one on the jumpseat edges onto the seat beside it one one side and is a tiny bit over on the other but is belted in securely- the two of them *just* fit in there together and couldn't be even a millimeter bigger to work. The most galling thing in all of this is that all 3 SN's would fit across the backseat but for two cupholders (one on each side) built in that are 6 inches across each! UGH! Foiled but for two stinking cupholders that I don't even need!!

RE: the triple stroller - the one you're thinking of is that runabout I think - it's white and industrial looking - butt ugly actually. I have it but the 3 seats do not recline all the way, seats are hard and uncomfortable, it takes no carseats at all and the front wheel doesn't swivel either so you have to push down on the handle and lift the front wheel off the ground to turn the beast of a thing. It's ok I guess for when they're older but still not what I'd call a *great* stroller - especially after having a single child and seeing all the *great* stroller options out there - easy folds, cushy seats and even (gasp!) cupholders... Once you get to more than 2 in a stroller the choices get awful pdq. (That's with the exception of the side by side jogging strollers - but then you can't get thru any doorway, so you can only use them outside at a park, farmer's market etc. and they have very limited usage due to that...)

I was SO spoiled with strollers/carseats when shopping for just one baby!!!