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06-01-2010, 10:44 PM
I'm in the throes of nesting but have no energy to carry out all the stuff I really need to get done before the baby comes in a couple months. It feels like as soon as I get one mess cleaned up, the toddler or DH have generated other, more urgent messes. This is mostly whining, but also an appeal for suggestions: How do you get it all done? Where does the energy come from? I'm so tired and sore and whiney, and dang it if I don't drop every other thing I pick up. I'm at the point where having to bend over "one more time" to pick up something else I've dropped makes me teary and angry. I'm out of shape and sore from overdoing it on projects and mad at myself for getting so buried in stuff that needs to get done. DH also seems to be in the nesting spirit and has made getting our house decluttered into a priority (for me). Apparently the clutter is impacting our marriage and needs immediate attention.

06-01-2010, 10:47 PM
How close to EDD are you? I really didn't get the for real nesting burst of energy till the very final weeks, like week 38+. I had a few half baked bursts before that but when the real one came I got a ton done. :)


06-02-2010, 06:52 AM
I'm with Beth. My real nesting energy kicked in at 37 w 2 d, to the point that I'm nesting even though I'm really sick AND pregnant. Before that, the mental drive was there, but I really didn't make any progress. Today, I was up at 5 am and ready to work (I've already worked for more than an hour before logging in here while I eat breakfast.)

Would DH be able to help? Mine doesn't like to make the decisions about what to do with stuff (and yes, mine also made decluttering a priority for ME), but I can ask him to sort through a box of stuff in the evening or on a Saturday, and he likes it when I make short list (5 items or less) of just stuff to move so I don't have to. Sometimes, that's asking him to move a box; other times, it's asking him to remove his tools from the kitchen. At the very least, he can stop making MORE work for you by cleaning up his own messes.

Also, would your toddler be able to help? I've been very surprised that my not-quite-two-year-old LOVES to help pick laundry up off the floor and will gladly hand me almost any small item that she can if I ask her to. She also loves to explore. . . so I'll sit on the floor with her and sort through a box or a shelf or whatever needs to be decluttered. That way, I'm not bending and lifting; we are together; and progress is made, even if very slowly.

The only other thing is I find I need to tell DH what I did, because otherwise he just doesn't see it (well, except the day I left the couch in the middle of the living room when it's normally against a wall.) So that might be telling him I took three bags to Goodwill, or leaving a bag of trash for him to take out. Otherwise, until a room is completely decluttered (and I haven't gotten there yet!), he doesn't notice.

It's hard to be pregnant with a toddler and keep up the maintenance some days, much less make progress. If your DH ever watches your toddler (if he doesn't, maybe he should), he will find that that is tiring enough even though he isn't pregnant! Of course, when my DH watches DD, then I have to clean up the messes both of them made when I come back.

06-02-2010, 09:02 AM
I never hit full nesting gear and spent as much time sleeping and resting as possible

06-02-2010, 10:10 PM
Thanks, ladies. I'm only around 30/31 weeks. Maybe that burst of energy will kick in soon...

06-02-2010, 10:13 PM
I was totally where you are when I was 36 weeks with DD. I could not believe I only had the crib set up and absolutely nothing else. The room was a catch-all for junk since we had recently moved. I had just taken up some boxes of newborn clothes from the basement and --uh-oh, DD came early. I have to say, it was overwhelming to come home and not have the nursery set up. You still have time. Try to do a little here and there and it will add up.