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06-09-2010, 09:34 PM
Anyone else dealt with this? I'm not too concerned, just wondering. Just found out that I've been losing rather than gaining. I'm 30 weeks and was heavy prior to becoming pg. Somehow, I've lost the weight I gained during the second trimester and am only about 2 lbs over what I started with. I haven't been sick for a few months and am definitely eating. I've only become more consistently active in the last week, so I don't think it's exercise. The last three prenatal visits, my weight has decreased by about 3 lbs. The midwife talked me out of an extra ultrasound a few months ago. Now she's ordered one for a month from now to make sure the baby's weight is okay. A month from now seems far away, so it must not be too much of a concern. I have been eating a little better than usual, but honestly, only a little.

06-10-2010, 12:33 AM
I'm scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday at 37w3d and I've gained 2lbs total this pregnancy and that was after a 5lb 1 week gain when I started retaining fluid about 3 weeks ago. No explaination at all. I eat. I gained 40lbs with my first pregnancy 6 years ago. I'm not eating any differently than pre-pregnancy for the most part and am definitely less active than pre-pregnancy. I spent 4 weeks on bedrest. My OB was never all that concerned because the baby was growing well but always looked to my husband for confirmation that I was eating. The baby, is huge. He'll probably be in the 9lb range when delivered.

06-10-2010, 12:56 AM
I went thru a period where I lost a few lbs during my pregnancy around 4 months and ended up gaining under 10 lbs total. I wasn't heavy to being with so my OB was concerned for my health but my belly growth was good and my BP was perfect so he did not order anything special (just more ice cream) but I did have the usual 2 ultrasounds done. DD ended up weighing in at 5.5lbs

06-10-2010, 10:51 AM
I just got back from my 39 week appointment.... I am officially the same weight as when I got pregnant- and the baby is measuring at AT LEAST 8lbs.

I was a fatty before I got pregnant, and apparently, being pregnant for me is like having gastric bypass.
My OB isn't concerned at all... as long as the baby is healthy and I feel fine.

06-10-2010, 04:28 PM
Thanks for weighing in, ladies. :)

Congrats and good luck on 6/15, lilycat88!!!

06-10-2010, 04:38 PM
I'm a little jealous of you ladies! This is my third pregnancy and at the rate I am going, it looks like I'm up for another 35-40 lb. pregnancy. I didn't have much trouble losing weight the other two times, but man, it is no fun to get on the scale every month and see a solid 3-5 lb. gain every time! I eat well and exercise (spinning, running and yoga) too, so I guess this is what my body needs to gain to grow a kid.

I think as long as your babies are healthy and your OB isn't concerned, there's no reason to worry. And you will be back in your regular clothes very early!!

06-10-2010, 05:09 PM
Congratulations everyone! I gained alot during my twin pregnancy, lol, but I wanted to mention my sister.

She lost some weight during all 4 of her pregnancies. She was overweight, less in the beginning that the latter ;). She carried alot of it in her mid-section, if that helps anyone, maybe its a body type.

I also had a co-worker, she was much larger than my sister, she had not gained any weight while she was pregnant but came back from her 7 (?) month check-up upset that she had gained 5 lbs. That is all she ever gained.

When its hard to eat, what was recommended to me was to drink an Ensure or Boost. Lots of good stuff in those! They have more flavors now also! I drank 2 a day from aprx 10 weeks until delivery.

Again, huge congrads, take care and wishing you a healthy pregnancy & baby!

06-11-2010, 04:03 PM
I haven't read any responses yet, but with Ds#2, I started off overweight. On the day he was born, I weighed about 2 lbs. more than before, and within a couple of weeks of delivery, I weighed about 30 lbs. less than before I got pregnant.

Ds#2 was 7 lbs. 14 oz and perfectly healthy. I just ate WAY better and was very sick for the first 20 weeks.

06-12-2010, 12:51 PM
Just told DH this morning that I'm looking forward to being 30 lbs lighter after this baby. Hoping that since it happened with #1, it might happen with #2. So far, I'm only 2 lbs over where I started, but still have about 10 weeks of growing to go.

06-12-2010, 01:47 PM
I lot quite alot of weigh while pregnant. At my 2 week post-baby appt, I had lost 20lbs. I lost a few more after that, then I gained it all back plus some :-(. I was worried during the pregnancy, as I lost some of it in chunks at a time. But the baby takes what it needs, and if you're heavy before the pregnancy, then that's really great. Just eat as smart as you can, take your vits, and as long as the doc has no cause for worry, then believe me, the baby will take what it needs.