View Full Version : What do you like & not like about pregnancy?

06-22-2010, 12:57 PM
I like:

-Baby kicks
-Ultrasounds and the Doppler at appointments
-Shopping for baby stuff
-Daydreaming and planning w/ DH about life once he's arrived
-Living in constant anticipation
-Those emails from WhatToExpect.com telling me what fruit or veggie my baby is this week (it's a cantaloupe this time!)
-Nursery decor
-How GOOD food you've been craving tastes
-How amazingly satisfied you feel when you eat after you've been hungry
-The heavy sleep of the first & second trimester

I really really am over:

-Food aversions
-No wine or raw sushi (two of my favorite things)
-Bizarre skin changes (skin tags, one boob is a different color than the other, bacne)
-Not being able to comfortably run anymore, and my favorite workouts becoming more awkward and uncomfortable every week
-Having enormous boobs (mine comically blew up, from a C to a DD)
-All the comments, good and bad, about my appearance. It makes me self conscious to suddenly have all these random people saying things to me about how big/different I am
-Gaining weight
-Hot, humid weather
-Pushing a shopping cart with a big tummy
-Not being able to pick up my son, who is 7 years old and 50 lbs...I probably COULD pick him up, but there's no need to, of course. I used to just for fun on occasions, though
-How much time I spend in bathrooms

06-22-2010, 01:21 PM
I absolutely loved being pregnant with DD! Some things I can think of:

I loved feeling her move, her hiccups, and her kicks and punches; seeing her on the ultrasound; hearing her heartbeat, etc.

However, I didn't really enjoy having to eat super healthy (I cut out all nitrates, caffeine, greasy/oily foods, high mercury foods), the charley horses in the middle of the night, and the morning sickness.

06-22-2010, 01:36 PM
Ohhh this is fun!!! I was just thinking about this the other day!

I love:
my basketball (large beach ballish) belly
that my hair has stopped falling out and looks absolutely awesome with no product help
the kicks and flutters
hearing her move during an NST test
seeing her move on the ultra sound
planning another nursery
sharing my excitement with DD and DH
having an easy excuse to put my feet up and not do anything

I don't love:
not being able to bend over
not being able to drink wine
the kankles that are showing up
having to take it easy when I don't want to
not being able to play with DD the way I'd like to
the way some people feel they have the right to touch my belly and while hands on belly, ask if she's moving
the acne that has showed up all over my body
the anxiety/anxiousness (sp?) of having another preemie baby.........I just want to make it to week 38!!

06-22-2010, 02:04 PM
I love:
- feeling and watching the baby move
- great skin and hair (and, oddly, no need for deodorant...that was a surprise)
- boobs! I love my new C-cups and the hot push-up bras I bought for them
- shopping for baby clothes
- watching DH become more and more attached to our little guy - reading him stories and reciting the same poem to him every night (yes, he's still in utero)
- attention from everyone
- not having to suck in my tummy ever
- having something in common to talk about with people I've never connected with before
- the hormones that make me absolutely over-the-moon smitten with DH, who I love to distraction anyway
- ultrasounds

Not so fond of:
- cutting out booze
- cutting out deli meat sandwiches
- how hard it is to bend over or stand back up once I squat down
- rolling over in bed has become a major process
- peeing 1 million times a day
- 5 months of morning sickness (all day long)
- gaining fat on my legs because I've been giving in to my sweet tooth and not exercising much
- worrying about belly flab and boob sag post-baby
- the whole concept of giving birth - why couldn't humans just be marsupials, huh?
- not knowing WHEN this huge, life-changing event is going to happen
- sore back, feet
- inability to concentrate at work!

06-22-2010, 02:19 PM
- watching DH become more and more attached to our little guy - reading him stories and reciting the same poem to him every night (yes, he's still in utero)...

My dad did this with me when my mom was expecting. Mom is convinced this is why I am so attached to my dad!

FWIW, I recited poetry to my li'l bean (mostly 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll) myself and encouraged DH to talk to the belly, too. (Truthfully, I think he felt silly doing it.)

06-22-2010, 02:23 PM
i loved EVERYTHING about pregnancy except for morning sickness, and to a lesser extent, heartburn. being uncomfortable and having hard time standing/walking around for long periods was a little annoying. that was NOTHING compared to morning sickness though. .-down that was the worst part of pregnancy

i LOVED feeling the baby kick and seeing baby on the ultrasound. my DS kicked A LOT. it was soo cool to feel and SEE the kicks, and DH could feel/see them too. that was the best part.

06-22-2010, 02:39 PM
Ohhhhh I forgot to add peeing............I feel my day now consists of drinking water, peeing and trying to go to the bathroom.......anything else I accomplish inbetween those acts is a bonus.

06-22-2010, 02:48 PM

I love getting a baby :) and it's all worth it. I don't really dislike being pregnant. But I prefer being able to chase DD, spin class, having a normal appetite, not being tired all the time, not waking up every 2 hours at night to pee, having clothes that fit over my boobs, and drinking.

Maybe ask again when I'm not 8.5 months in!

06-22-2010, 03:00 PM
I liked ...

* singing and playing music and feeling Baby "dance" (DD had a thing for Stevie Wonder's 'Superstitious', AC/DC, KISS and Rush. Now that she's here, she still loves Rush.)
* imagining what Baby would look like (we didn't get any 3D u/s's)
* dressing the best I have ever dressed in a LONG time
* researching baby gear/creating our registries

I did NOT like ...

* morning sickness
* leg pain
* support hose
* driving (driving + morning sickness = recipe for disaster; driving + belly + non-adjustable steering wheel + icy roads = recipe for disaster)

I was lucky that I carried small enough to just look fat to the average person on the street or else I would have had to practice my punchout. (My biggest fear was that some stranger was going to touch my belly without my permission ... and I'd end up calling DH from the police station because I'd slugged them.)

06-22-2010, 03:06 PM
I liked the end result (baby) and that's about it.

06-22-2010, 03:27 PM
Lizzy, people have been touching my uterus since I was about 12 weeks. I think that's when it became obvious even to strangers that I was pregnant. I've kind of gotten used to it at this point (this is my third pregnancy) but I remember the first time someone touched my belly, I literally jumped backwards.

06-22-2010, 11:07 PM
I really enjoyed having a "shapely figure" boobs and hips and what not...I'm quite flat chested other wise. I loved feeling pregnant and womanly...rather than like a lanky teen.

I loved feeling the baby and all their movements and what not.

I did not like the nausea, heartburn, and leg cramps. Having to avoid certain foods just because of what ifs. I did not like being super careful when walking in the winter with icy conditions.

All in all I've always had a great pregnancy and enjoyed it very much...not too many downsides.

06-23-2010, 03:44 AM
I love:

- Seeing, hearing and feeling baby's kicks & hiccups. I'd rub my belly where I can feel him, and ask, "Which body part is this?"
- DH talking to my belly and telling me not to eavesdrop
- Ultrasounds and dopplers
- Cravings for all kinds of food, and caving into them (I love my In-N-Out just as much as my salads!)
- Slightly bigger breasts
- Talking about hypothetical scenarios about LO with DH, planning our future :)
- Reading baby forums, sharing stories with DH, and discussing about our roles as bad cop/good cop and talking about parenting in general

I don't love:
- Peeing, pooping, farting way too much. Charmin Ultra is expensive, you know!
- No brie, feta, Mexican, goat, veiny and other kinds of yummy cheeses
- No raw fish or seafood, and limit on cooked seafood
- No deli meats
- Heart burn, which just started
- Belly getting too heavy, having trouble sleeping and getting up
- Numb limbs, charlie horses
- Sore back that just won't go away even though DH massages me
- Insomnia and restless sleep, with bathroom breaks in between
- In nesting mode, but too big and awkward to thoroughly clean
- My big dark nipples scare me...
- DH cutting me off from sex He knows it won't hurt the baby (even OB said it's OK), but he just doesn't feel comfortable

06-23-2010, 09:24 AM
Lizzy, people have been touching my uterus since I was about 12 weeks. I think that's when it became obvious even to strangers that I was pregnant. I've kind of gotten used to it at this point (this is my third pregnancy) but I remember the first time someone touched my belly, I literally jumped backwards.

Yeah, nobody did that to me, but, then again, when I looked most obviously pregnant and not fat, the media was a the height of its swine flu hysteria, so maybe I got lucky!!!

Seriously, though, with the next one (and we are already thinking about our next one) I figure I will not only show earlier but also will be pregnant during a different season, so it'll probably be more obvious. It's amazing what a swingy winter coat will do! (And, yes, I needed a winter coat. I didn't get the hot flashes that my sister did.)

06-23-2010, 09:35 AM
I don't love:
- No brie, feta, Mexican, goat, veiny and other kinds of yummy cheeses

Just FYI, I've been able to find tons of nice cheeses in pasteurized forms (the most common being supermarket bries, goats, and fresh mozarella). I've asked at restaurants for waiters to check if the cheese used was pasteurized, and they usually reported back that it was. I was also really bummed about the cheese prohibition, but haven't really had to cut back. But then, I'm not a cheese-shop kind of girl; I imagine the true turophile would miss a lot.

06-23-2010, 02:20 PM
Heartburn was horrible with DD2. Leg cramps were crazy with DD1. I had morning sickness with the baby we lost. Like Bubbaray said the end result of the baby is the best thing in the world. I am a pretty positive person, even when I knew baby #2 wasn't going to make it I tried to look to the bright side of being pregnant. I am a big believer that when life throws you lemons (baby we lost) you make lemonade (sweet DD2 who is still taking her morning nap:))

06-23-2010, 07:05 PM
- my BABY
- The anticipation (esp the first time. I always wonder how it would be the second time)
- baby kicks - so big towards the end that even people a few feet away could see them
- ultrasounds - esp the first 2 (the first one where we saw our LO and his heartbeat, and the second one where we saw him put his fingers in his mouth and got to know he is a boy)
- baby shopping
- baby belly

- morning sickness
- prenatals
- I could reach my feet and not wash them and they were, well not very clean
- having to pee in the middle of the night
- having to constantly snack/eat
- hair all over my body
- weight gain (although it was just 26lbs)
- pigmentation

ETA: aside from the baby, DH loved that I wasn't shedding hair all over the place like I normally do!