View Full Version : Does anyone know much about ectopic pregnancy?

07-18-2010, 01:38 AM
I am really worried, we have been trying to have a baby for so long and finally in June the test came back positive! I already had a OB appointment scheduled for a pap smear so when I went I told them I had found out I was pregnant. But my periods are so irregular, the doctor wanted me to have an ultrasound right away to try and find out how far along I was. Well I saw the ultrasound tech and it was so early in my pregnancy that the yolk sak she saw was too small to even measure and give me an estimated due date. So the nurse called a week later and said I need to come back and have another ultrasound because they could only see a sac at the top of my uterus. But she also said they cant rule out an etopic pregnancy and if I experience any shoulder pain or pain on the left or right side to go to the ER. My ultrasound is monday evening and I thought everything was fine but just tonight have discomfort in my shoulders and Im really worried. I havent had any bleeding and only what I thought was normal cramping (just occasional light kind of like menstrual cramps) It's my first pregnancy though and I dont know if these cramps are normal or not, I thought they were but they have me so worried. I estimate I am about 6 weeks. If anyone can help me either calm my nerves or tell me to get my butt to the ER it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

07-18-2010, 08:00 PM
Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are:

-Sharp or stabbing pain that may come and go and vary in intensity. The pain may be in the pelvis, abdomen or even the shoulder and neck (due to blood from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy gathering up under the diaphragm).

-Vaginal bleeding, heavier or lighter than your normal period

-Gastrointestinal symptoms

-Weakness, dizziness, or fainting

If you have any reason to think there is something not quite right, please call your Dr's answering service right away. Usually they will err on the side of caution, but they will generally tell you if they think you need to be seen. Hope this helps.

07-18-2010, 10:47 PM
U/S that early is really hard to see much. If you have pain it's certainly worth checking out as ectopic pregnancies are dangerous for you. However slight crampy feelings are exactly what normal health early pregnancies feel like too. If they saw the sac in your uterus then that's likely where it is. Did they mean that they think there is more than one? It's likely just a precaution, since it can be dangerous that they told you to watch out for that. Try to relax and listen to your gut. If something is wrong it will tell you and you'll know what to do. Congrats, I'll be thinking of you, and hoping you see just what you want on Monday.

07-19-2010, 09:13 AM
Is it possible you were only 3-4 weeks along at the first ultrasound and 4-5 at the second? I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks and there was just a yolk sac. They told me to come back at 7, and that's when we saw the HB and fetal pole.

I sure hope you're OK and it's just really early!

07-19-2010, 12:23 PM
I had my first abdominal u/s at 5 weeks and all we saw was the gestational sac. I ended up having a transvaginal u/s at 6 weeks and saw the baby and heartbeat. How are you feeling now? Good luck and keep us posted.

07-19-2010, 12:31 PM
I would not worry about ectopic yet. I think they just told you that as something to look out for, but nothing in your U/S (from what you have posted) indicates ectopic.
It is still really early as everyone has said.
I have had two ectopics and the shoulder pain I had with the first one, due to the internal bleeding, hurt really bad. It was not just a sore shoulder. It felt like a huge gas bubble (which was really blood) putting pressure on my upper chest/shoulder area.

It is SO hard in those first weeks after you get the positive test, waiting for the U/S.
I would just ask to make sure they are measuring the HCG levels to make sure they are doubling. That is what my docs always did in the beginning since its so hard to see anything on the US that early.

Good luck!

07-19-2010, 04:44 PM
I've had 2 ectopics as well, and you'd kinda know with the shoulder pain and have other symptoms like fainting, light-headedness, dizziness, a TON of abdominal pain, spotting (sometimes), etc. It was so hard to miss that I had DH call 911 before I passed out on the floor. The good news (and it doesn't sound like it, but I've survived two) is that when early, even if they rupture, the tubes aren't blood rich (vascular) organs, so bleeding to death is rare in America as long as you seek treatment ASAP. Any amt of blood free-floating in the body is highly painful/agitating, so you WILL know.

I will say that if they saw a sac in the uterus with any contents inside (yolk sac, etc), then I doubt it's ectopic. I had a pseudo sac (fake/empty sac--hormonally caused) during one of my ectopic pgs, but there was nothing inside. Praying it all turns out a-okay. ((hugs))