View Full Version : Your post-partum daydreams?

08-06-2010, 12:45 PM
This is my third pregnancy, and I am SO eager to just fastforward to the finishline. I'm trying to enjoy every little kick and all that, but really I just like to daydream about my non-pregnant future with the little guy and my kids and DH.

Some things I can't wait for

-RAW sashimi
-A cool glass of Riesling
-being able to look at foods I don't want to eat without actually feeling sick to my stomach just from seeing/smelling them
-being able to tell whether I've done a good enough job shaving my legs, rather than just groping around blindly for patches of stubble
-zippers and buttons and belts
-being able to find a bra in my size at Kohl's and not needing a specialty store or the Internet
-the scale going down, even if it takes a long time to get to the goal, just seeing numbers that are decreasing and not increasing by shocking amounts!
-running again
-talking to strangers about my BABY and how he's doing, not how big I am or how much longer I have left
-sleeping on my belly
-nursing (once I get past the first painful week or so)
-lack of random annoying pains
-Ann Taylor Loft sales


08-06-2010, 01:07 PM
I can't see past the finish line.

08-06-2010, 09:40 PM
If this was my first pregnancy, I'd have said, "Having my body back to myself", but now I know that's just fantasy. (BFing and then having DD climb me several times a day since has dashed that one all to heck.)

I'm looking forward to:

- holding my beautiful second daughter and checking out those fingers, toes, arms and legs that have been be-bopping across my belly these last few months
- introducing her to Big Sister and the rest of our family
- stepping on the scale and being amazed at the amount of weight lost in such a short amount of time (much needed!)
- drinking some good, dark beer and some cheap, red wine (once DD starts accepting the occasional bottle of breast milk)
-breast feeding
- Fall and winter temps, then enjoying the spring and summer without being pregnant and miserable from the heat
- Getting past the postpartum period and managing PPD and other health issues better this time around