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09-24-2010, 04:12 PM
So, I'm trying really hard to get my house under control. It's a huge mess of clutter. I also have a bunch of little projects that need to be done to kind of spruce things up.

I think I've always assumed that this was our starter home and we'd only be here five years or so. We're halfway through year six now, and some things need to get done!

My kitchen sink is a bone colored ceramic or porcelain that is quite scratched. It's nothing special or fancy and it's likely around 17 years old. I considered trying to find something bone colored to paint on it to cover the scratches because I don't really want to mess with replacing the sink. However, the edge around the top of the sink (a top-mount, I'm assuming) is stainless steel, as are the drains/garbage disposal. The only product I've found thus far for this type of job is a spray paint. Is there anything that you can actually paint on? I'm not sure how to ensure that only the bone-colored parts get painted, kwim?

Anyone ever tried this? Basically what I've found (recommended by the Home Depot lady) was a tub and tile reglazing solution. How would you cover the stainless steel pieces in the sink (drain/garbage disposal)?

09-24-2010, 04:17 PM
Totally with you on the "thought it would be a year, now it has been" SEVEN. Granted, DH has only been here 5, but still...

What about taking that part out? Seems like a plumber takes those parts out, right?

eta: totally with you on the clutter. I can't take a picture of anyone in our dining room b/c I need to get busy and finish my wall-o-projects/junk.