View Full Version : What did you do for maternity clothes?

09-24-2010, 05:24 PM
I think I finally found some jeans that will work and get me through hopefully to the end. I'm just struggling with shirts. They aren't long enough. If I buy larger sized maternity shirts, they don't fit my top (shoulders/chest) plus the sleeves are even longer on my petite frame. I hate ordering stuff online since I have no idea what size anymore.

I really want a long sleeved button down white shirt for maternity pictures and I'm struggling. I tried one of dh's which is so sloppy looking since he has broad shoulders. I tried a men's S which was already off my shoulders and the sleeves were way too long...and it wouldn't even come close to buttoning over my belly. The maternity shirt I had from my previous pregnancies is too short and won't button.

My belly is hanging out of most of my t-shirts, but I'm making do on hot weather stuff. I'll just need some things for when it's cooler out. I'm technically not due until Thanksgiving.

And my feet are swollen all the time now. I wear Croc sandals now, but I have no idea what I'll do when it gets cooler out. My fat feet may just have to be cold. I can't fit a pair of socks inside my sandals since they are already tight and leaving marks. I hate to spend much money on something I have very limited time of wearing. I'm 31 weeks now.

I know, just suck it up and wear a tent. It may come to that. I'd just like to have something that looks decent for maternity pictures and I'd better be doing it soon.

I'm not quite 5'2" and my pre-pregnancy weight was 104 lb. I'm all belly now (and getting quite uncomfortable, but docs say I'm doing well, so I'm hanging in there).

09-24-2010, 10:09 PM
I never found woven shirts that work. They simply aren't forgiving enough to accommodate a twin belly, especially if you're all belly. I'm 5'6'' and was 110 pre-preggo and I gained 60 pounds and was all belly - to where people would be walking behind me and then I'd turn a corner and hear gasps. The things that worked for me (and looked nice too) were stretchy knits. Tunic tops. There were quite a few things from Gap that worked well - their knits tend to be cut pretty long, and they have lots of pretty options (not just plain t-shirts). Kohls had a nice selection of maternity tunic tops that worked well for me too.

This late in your pregnancy you might consider dresses too. I had a few from Target that worked quite well. One was a Mossimo dress that wasn't even a maternity dress - it had a gathered empire waist so all those gathers resulted in extra fabric that covered my belly without that hi/lo hem effect. I had another maternity dress that I got from Ross (can't remember the brand) but it cost me $8 and was really generously cut in the belly - more than other maternity dresses. The other thing that I found that worked well - buying short non-maternity or maternity dresses in that same gathered empire waist baby-doll style. These worked GREAT and I wore them as if they were tunic tops!

Target had lots of maternity cardigan sweaters that would work well for when it gets cooler. For shoes - I'd just get a pair of wool socks and a larger size crocs and wear them:)

5'2'' and 31 weeks - you are definitely doing well!! Good luck!

09-24-2010, 10:19 PM
For the last two months of my pregnancy, I couldn't find anything to cover my belly. My boys were a combined 14 lbs at birth so I was HUGE. For the last month they kept telling me that I was going to go into labor at any point because of how big my boys were, but I made it to term.

I ended up buying a bunch of cheap maternity dresses from old navy and I wore a cardigan with them on colder days. It turned out to be a good thing because during the last month of my pregnancy, my stomach hurt so much from being stretched out that I couldn't tolerate the band on the pants that still fit me touching it.

09-25-2010, 12:49 AM
I found some loose and/or stretchy non-maternity sundresses that were great by the end. You might be able to find some on clearance racks now...