View Full Version : Suggestions for hanging kid's play costumes...

09-29-2010, 02:48 PM
...on a wall behind the boys' bedroom door. When the door is open, it leaves a nice little area that is open and hidden behind it. I'd like to put up some clothing hooks so the kids can have easier access to old costumes and dress up clothes. However, the door could close onto the hooks if there is nothing hanging on them and if the hooks are metal or hard plastic, it could damage the door.

Now, I don't get to Ikea often because it's on the other side of our metro area. But, the last time I was there, I noticed these colorful coat hooks which were sort of rubber and flexible on the ends. I think they were shaped to look like animals jumping out of the walls. They would be perfect. At the time I was there, i remember thinking I should just buy these but for whatever reason at the time, I didn't. I've been trying to find them on the Ikea website but I dont' see them there.

Honestly, any flexible or soft hook would work. Has anyone seen anything that could work in this situation? Anyone planning a trip to Ikea soon?

09-29-2010, 06:43 PM
Not a real fun choice but what about the Command hooks. You could get the bigger size and they don't stick out from the wall very far. I love the command hooks and picture hanging kits. Best part is no holes in the wall after you take them down. I find all sorts of uses for the stuff. I mainly use the plain white ones. But these are attractive.

This is a nicer metal ones



These with rounded ends.