View Full Version : Recommend a clothes steamer and floor steamer please.

11-20-2010, 05:17 PM
I bought the Rowenta clothes steamer at Bed B Beyond. I hate ironing so I thought this would be the solution. It does an ok job, but I find that you have to go slow and close. Somehow I thought it would be quicker and easier. I can return it, but wonder if there where any other steamer recommendations here.

On the floor steamer, my mom has the Shark brand that's a vac and steamer with the rectangular pads that you change out. I tried it, it did a great job on the steamer side, the vac was ok but could not reach underneath sofas and bed so I still had to sweep. I found it heavy to push and pull during the steamer. Any other steamers for floors brand you recommend that might be lighter?

I have a small apartment, but work outside the home. Would love to make my house cleaning duties easier. Love any suggestions.