View Full Version : help me pick a vacuum cleaner for someone who does not like to clean....

11-22-2010, 04:03 PM

I have a little stick vac which has lived for about 10 years, and was fine, except that the wheels are now falling off, and there are rubberbands holding it together at this point.

So, I need a new vacuum. We have all hard surfaces except area rugs. We do have stairs (wood). About 3,000 SF.

I do not clean much because we do use a housekeeper (who brings their own stuff). Mostly, I need to be able to touch up kitchen and baths periodically between housekeeper visits.

My mom has been raving about her Oreck cannister vac, but I have never had a cannister before, not sure I would like it. I would probably go with another little stick vac, but she thinks the wand would be good for cleaning our wood blinds, cleaning under couch cushions, etc. I am not opposed to trying something new if it might add functionality.

If you had my situation...what would your dream vacuum be? and why?

11-22-2010, 04:15 PM
I had a stick vac that I liked too. Somehow, DH's foot and the driveway made it inoperable :confused: so I got a Miele canister out of the deal. Oh my goodness. It seriously turned me into someone who enjoys vacuuming. I suggest borrowing one overnight (from a vac. store) in your own house to try it out. My housecleaner even tells me how much she likes ours. We have all hardwoods/vinyl and a few area rugs as well.

11-22-2010, 04:37 PM
We have a Dyson, and I love it. We also have a house keeper, so it is only used for in-between weeks, but it works so well.