View Full Version : Need recommendations for home made wood cleaners I can keep handy in a spray bottle.

11-23-2010, 10:57 PM
We just moved to a new house that we are renting. The landlords have left a lot of furniture behind for us to use. There are a couple of things that are wood- a beautiful baker's rack which is painted wood and a dining room table which is in the main eating area. It's just gorgeous. Since it is in a "great room" type area, it gets a lot of use and abuse already from my kids. I will be wiping these pieces of furniture down a lot. I used to have a wonderful green wood cleaner which I got at our local grocery store where we used to live. I can't find it here. It contained some food-grade waxes in it along with some oils. It made our wood look wonderful. I shopped today at the local Target and can't find anything but the usual big name, toxic wood cleaners. So, I bought some empty spray bottles and thought I'd make some.

I've never made any and apparently I didn't bring our Clean House, Clean Planet book with me to this house. So, I need some advice.

Can you guys recommend a home made, shelf stable (so I can keep a bottle handy in the cupboard), wood cleaner for our kitchen table? Something that won't dry out the wood over time but will still be effective for cleaning up sticky spills?


Tondi G
11-28-2010, 02:46 AM
I don't know about wood cleaner you can make at home but I do like the Method brand wood cleaner I buy from Target. It has a yummy almond scent too!