View Full Version : Could my Mirena cause these symptoms?

11-27-2010, 09:38 PM
First I am not pregnant. Took 4 tests over the past week. All BFNs. The last time DH and I DTD was at least 5 wks ago so I'd assume if I were preggo it would be positive by now. And obviously, by the title of this thread, I have a Mirena IUD.

For about 2 wks I've had various symptoms of pregnancy
1. heartburn
2. bloated on and off
3. nausea
sometimes I wake up in the morning starving and nauseated
sometimes after I eat I feel bloated and nauseated

So when the heartburn started and was almost a daily thing I POAS a week ago. Neg. I've tested 3 more times since (as recently as yesterday) and all have been neg. I haven't had a period or anything more than very very faint spotting in about 6 weeks which is when the daily spotting from IUD insertion finally stopped after about 7wks (so I haven't had a real period since having the IUD put in).

DH and I both had a stomach bug over the past week (I actually had it twice) but I don't think it's related since my symptoms started long before I was sick and are still lingering. As I type this I am feeling so bloated I want to unbutton my pants yet I only had a small bowl of mashed potatoes for dinner.

Could the Mirena be causing me to feel this way? What else could cause these indigestion symptoms? I don't have any pain anywhere.

11-28-2010, 05:20 PM
How have your stools been lately? I know when I get contipated (which seems to come in cycles for me--a month of loose, a month of constipation), I tend to have more indigestion symptoms. Otherwise, it could be H. Pylori (a common infection causing indigestion symptoms), or run of the mill reflux....

12-06-2010, 10:16 AM
I have no experience with Mirena, but before DDs when I was on BCPs I had a terrible time trying to find one that didn't make me feel nauseous or have heartburn. I tried several different ones over the course of a couple of years. It was awful. I later realized when pregnant with DD1 that the way I felt on BCPs was a dead ringer for how I felt in the first tri of my pregnancy - that blech nausea/heartburn/starving/full feeling. So while I know Mirena is supposed to be a low level of hormones, I would say it's definitely possible that it's behind the way you feel.