View Full Version : Changing out seasonal clothes

12-06-2010, 01:39 AM
I hate doing this. It never gets completely done. We can have 30 or 90 degree weather on Halloween. Then the holidays come and the clothes take a back burner to those. Next thing I know it is May and I am trying to find sleeveless tops.

Anyone have a good system or some tips?


12-06-2010, 01:50 AM
I totally agree with you. It is a pain and I never get completely done.

DS has enough room in his closet and dresser that I can put his other season clothes on a shelf or hang up. I only move his shorts in Winter as sometimes he wears a t-shirt over a ls t-shirt or under a fleece. We're in SoCal, so can do this. In Summer I move his jeans, long sleeve shirts and sweaters. I try to purge what I think will not fit for next season.

I did something different in my closet - I purged what doesn't fit or out of style. I put a bin of things I might be able to wear again on the top shelf. This made a lot of room in my closet. Then I put all my winter things on the side that is easiest to reach, and put all the summer things on the hard to reach side. I'll swap them over for Summer -but I can still get to them.

I kept my sweaters out all year, but those too are supposed to be in a bin on top shelf of closet during the summer. I didn't get to that this year. Normally I'll put most of them away but keep a couple of things handy for unexpected change in temperature.

DH's clothes are his to deal with - he has a bin for summer/winter that he swaps out as needed - mostly it's full of sweaters in the summer and then some short-sleeve in the winter. He wears both l/s and s/s and same pants year round, so we keep a lot of things out in the closet.

12-07-2010, 02:06 AM
when I do it I leave about a weeks worth of t shirts in the drawer or for summer a few pairs of jeans. That way come nicer days I can put myself or the kids in jeans and a t shirt.