View Full Version : Mossimo tissue tees--hang up or fold?

12-22-2010, 02:41 PM
I love these shirts, I have tons of them. But I can't decide what is the best way to store them. When I hang them they just get all folded and/or stretched out, and folding them results in a wrinkly ball. Maybe it is the hangers I've been using, they're the really skinny ones from target with the velvety surface so clothes don't slip. Great idea, except they snag the fabric when I'm putting clothes on them, especially gauzy, stretchy shirts like these. (OK, really worried that I sound completely incompetent, or lazy, or both. :bag)

Anyway, where do you keep your tissue tees? (I think I've seen them mentioned here several times, so I'm hoping some of you out there have them.) Thanks!

12-22-2010, 03:06 PM
I don't hang up any of my t-shirts. They all just get folded. My Mossimo tissue tees are no different.

12-23-2010, 02:23 PM
Thanks for the reply. I may just experiment with different ways of folding them so they don't get so wrinkled.

01-09-2011, 11:03 AM
Try folding them typically (sides in, bottom to top) then, rolling them into a log... might help keep them from getting crumpled.