View Full Version : how do I get play d'oh out of jeans?

12-27-2010, 12:12 AM
title says it all. TIA!

12-27-2010, 12:20 AM
I wonder if it could work like wax- freeze it then scrape it off once it's all hard?


12-27-2010, 05:32 PM
ban it from your house! Ha ha. That's what I ended up doing. I couldn't get my kids to stop from crumbling it all over the room they were in. I had it smooshed into carpet (don't ask how to get it out of berber carpet because I don't really know other than getting as much up as possible once it dries), so we moved from the basement to the kitchen. They couldn't keep it on the large shower curtain liner or the kitchen table and I got tired of going around scraping little pieces off with my finger nail. I don't even have the patience to let them play with it outside at this point.
Now they have to play with it at Grandma's. Even she can only handle it once in awhile because my two girls are insane with playdoh.

Oh, but your original question...
I *think* it came out in the wash. I wouldn't throw it in the dryer without checking though.
Or, you can wait until it dries and see if it just brushes off. I'm pretty sure that it came out when I washed it though.

I actually had sidewalk chalk stain a pair of pants though and I thought that would come out in the wash for sure...I put it in the dryer without checking first. Now I have to remind my kids not to sit on their colored areas on the driveway. UGH!

12-27-2010, 05:57 PM
On a related note, how about getting silly putty out of a PBK anywhere chair? UGH!

12-27-2010, 06:15 PM
I would let it dry out and harden and then scrape it off.