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Rio girl
01-01-2011, 03:37 PM
Hello Moms,:wink2:

What is the best car seat option for twins? I was told the Graco Snugride was a good choice. Any opinions on that? I'd like to register for car seats that can snap into a stroller easily so I can run quick errands to the store etc...

If any of you have suggestions on what the best options for me are for car seats and double strollers that would be most helpful.

Thank you!:love5:

01-01-2011, 09:10 PM
I know there's some controversy behind using stroller frames that can accomodate car seats (because of the "babies spend too much time in car seats, bouncy chairs, swings, etc"), but I really feel that for parents of multiples, it's important. It enables you to run into the grocery store for quick errands to buy essentials. And when you have twins, you're really only able to go out for 30 min at a time at first. Some will also say to just buy a good double stroller with a good recline and put the babies right in. But - in my experience being able to run into the store to grab something to feed ourselves while the babies were still asleep from the car ride was a sanity-saver. I just cannot...I mean CANNOT...imagine having to wake them to transfer them into a stroller.

We used the Graco Snugrides which snap into the double snap n go stroller frame. The DSNG is very light, a plus if you're recovering from a c-section. It has a nice basket which will hold quite a few grocery items. It folds down to almost nothing. It's how I did my grocery shopping for the first few months. You can check Baby Trend's website for information on car seats compatible with the DSNG (because I'm sure things have changed since we had our babies).

You can also buy a double stroller with car seat adapters, but IMO it's simpler to get the DSNG in the beginning as you re-assess your needs and wants for a good double stroller (plus styles will change in a few months time so you can be sure you're getting the latest and greatest, if that's what you want).

I'm sure there are other opinions that are just as valid - as usual this is something you'll just have to guess at based on the information you gather and then constantly re-assess!

Rio girl
01-02-2011, 02:22 PM
Thank you Two What?

I was wondering though if it matters which Graco Snugride you get? I registered for the new Graco Snugride 30 and was wondering if it will fit into the Baby Trend Double Snap and Go? Does anyone have any idea? When I went to their website it said Graco Snugride and Graco Snugride 32.??

Please advise.


01-02-2011, 04:06 PM
Thank you Two What?

I was wondering though if it matters which Graco Snugride you get? I registered for the new Graco Snugride 30 and was wondering if it will fit into the Baby Trend Double Snap and Go? Does anyone have any idea? When I went to their website it said Graco Snugride and Graco Snugride 32.??

Please advise.


I'm not sure (we used the regular Graco snugrides). It may be worth a call to Baby Trend. I also know that some people have been able to get "incompatible" carseats in to where they are comfortable with it.

Rio girl
01-03-2011, 10:34 PM
Do the seats actually snap into place in the Snap and Go or do they just strap in?


01-03-2011, 11:40 PM
The Graco snugrides (at least the ones from 2008) snapped in at the back, and you use the strap at the front as an extra measure of precaution.

I'll throw another opinion out there - I probably would have never used a higher weight limit infant seat to its limit. It'd get too heavy to lug around with a baby inside, and too reclined for an older baby (personal preference). Our girls were a year old when they hit the height limit for the 22 lb snugride (most babies will hit that height limit before they hit the weight limit).

If I lived in a really cold climate I might change my mind since I could see it being nice to just snap your already bundled up baby into the double snap n go and getting indoors where it's warm quickly (instead of wrangling a baby out of a convertible seat and then getting a coat on.)

If you think you'll have big babies (genetics), then a higher weight limit seat could come in handy.

01-11-2011, 03:38 PM
I have b/g twins and use regular Graco Snugrides. They fit the snap n go just fine. If you google, I think you can find information regarding whether the higher size limit Snugrides will fit in the snap n go. I think the Chicco car seats don't fit the snap n go -- I've read that you can put them on the frame, but that you have to remove one of the safety bars and that they possibly don't snap in. I wouldn't use any carseat with the snap n go that couldn't fit in securely, with the safety bars in place and with the snapping function.

My twins are 4 months and we are looking to transition to a regular stroller (I just posted a question about options on the stroller board). I've been looking at the Baby Jogger City Mini Double, Bumbleride Indie Twin, Stroll-Air My Duo, Maclaren Twin Techno and others as options.

01-13-2011, 10:07 AM
We used the 22 pound snugrides and a snap n go frame for them early on.

You CAN put 2 snugrides in a double graco stroller but then you're lugging around the beef of a double stroller for no particular reason early on. The snap n go frame was AWESOME for us - I got one off CL for $10 and later sold it for $40. We also turned down the bigger seats (then called safeseats) because we didn't think we'd be carrying 2 babies in buckets around that long - our girls we in the 22 pound buckets till 10 months or so and then we switched to Britax marathons as seats, and I mostly used a single stroller and wore one baby at that point... though there was one awful, awful time I wore both babies at once because my son had something at his preschool which was not stroller friendly (too many stairs) and that was just a horrible idea, LOL I was using a bjorn and a beco - it might have been more comfortable with 2 becos, 2 ergos, something other than the bjorn (I love the bjorn but around 10 months or so it just kills the back too much... and they were around a year or more by then)

Anyway using the snap n go will give you also give you more time to hunt for the elusive perfect double stroller... or at least as near as perfect as will work for you.

01-30-2011, 12:07 PM
I have Chicco Keyfit 30 carseats and a Double Snap-n-Go. I got the stroller off of craigslist for $35. I wanted it especially because of having my twins in November and making it through the winter without having to remove them from their carseats in the cold weather all of the time. Otherwise, I'm not one to leave my babies in their carseats for extended periods of time.

I got the Keyfits because I didn't know when my twins would come and I was worried about having tiny babies (which ended up not being a problem). I tried to hold out to see the Graco 30's, but they barely came out before I had my babies and I was nervous and wanted seats installed and ready to go.

I do like the Keyfits really well and they were soooooo easy to install. I'm a short, small person and I hate lugging infant seats around no matter what though.

The Keyfits don't "snap" into the stroller frame, but I did not remove bars and both the front and the backs of the carseats rest on the stroller frame. I ALWAYS use the straps though.
I would not do this if it I didn't think it was safe. I have a 7 year old and a 4 year old as well. The 4 year old walks beside the stroller holding onto it, especially in parking lots. When one of the babies gets fussy, it's normal to see my older kids "shake" the carseat to try to calm the baby. So, while I certainly wouldn't leave the carseats on the stroller without the straps and I don't go walking away from the stroller, I feel fine using it.

I will say that I do call the stroller a "train". It's so long and I can't take it into our pediatrician's office. I use it for my older kids dance and tumbling classes and going to the mall. For grocery shopping, I put one infant seat in the basket of the shopping cart and one baby in a front carrier. My 4 year old can sit in the seat of the cart, walk or she often likes to hold onto the side/front of the cart. I put a grocery shopping basket underneath the cart for things like canned goods. I have gotten $200 worth of groceries into the cart this way, but I do need an additional cart once the groceries are bagged