View Full Version : S/O Mary Kay - what are your fav makeup products?

01-20-2011, 03:12 PM
Just curious because I love looking at and trying new stuff :) Please list brand and color if you know it. FWIW...I have blond hair/green eyes and light skin with yellow undertones.

I noticed my SIL had tons of MAC products, but I never asked her about them or looked at the colors. I use a mix of drugstore and higher-end products.

On a daily basis I use:

Arbonne concealer - for my dark under-eye circles or blemish
Revlon mascara
L'Oreal blendable powder (compact)
Chapstick or lip gloss - have all different brands

When I got out I use:
NARS creamy eyeshadow
Clinique lipstick in tenderheart

01-20-2011, 03:28 PM
I have dark hair, hazel eyes and very pale skin. I find that drugstore brands often give me more issues later - foundations make my skin feel like it's crawling, mascaras flake into my eye and blur my contacts, eyeshadows aren't true to color & smudge off too quickly, lipsticks dry out my lips, etc. - but I also have super-sensitive skin, so I am ridiculously brand-loyal when I find something that works for me!

I love the super-saturated colors of MAC cosmetics but can't always make the trip to the mall to get them (I buy at Macy's using my Macy's charge rather than ordering online) and own several MAC eyeshadow shades. (I use the gold-silver-bronze special edition eye pallette from last winter, Mulch, Velvet, Mythology, Folie & Naked Lunch on a regular basis)

I wore MAC eyeshadow, mascara and lipcolours at my wedding (4 years ago) and gave all of my adult bridesmaids a tube of the mascara as part of their gift. I tried their eye "paint" which can be used as a primer, but I don't like it as much as the free sample I got at Sephora from another company. I haven't tried their foundation because I have super-sensitive skin and am kind of wary of trying new brands. (The eyecolor shades I used were Naked Lunch, Velvet and Folie; the lipcolor was Lovelorn.)

I also like Urban Decay eyeshadow, but haven't tried any of their other products. (They are 2 shades of brown/bronze; my makeup kit is not handy or I would post.)

For similar color saturation at a slightly lower price point, I like the Flirt! line of cosmetics at Kohl's. (I threw out a bunch of them because I'd had them more than a year or 2.)

For foundation, I usually like Clinique, but I got a sample kit of Bare Minerals last winter that I find I like a bit more. (I use a liquid foundation from Clinique but don't remember the name.)

For things like blush, I go with Clinique, though I would go with Bare Minerals if I were to go restock my makeup soon.

For lipcolor, I use Clinique for interviews or places I need to look professional, MAC or Flirt! for fun and have a lovely shade of lipgloss by NARS that is almost enough to make me try NARS again. (I think I still have Sunset Nude from Clinique and quite possibly the Copper Flame; nothing from MAC anymore and I don't remember the NARS shade name, but it's kind of a mauve-y pink.)

I've tried Arbonne (which I love, but can't justify spending the $$ on it right now) and Mary Kay and Avon, but usually prefer my cobbled-together kit.