View Full Version : Feingold Diet

02-08-2011, 11:14 AM
Are you using the feingold diet for your DC? Is it working? Please share your thoughts on the diet. We are looking into it for DS (and DD).

02-10-2011, 09:55 PM
Not sure this will be helpful, but since you asked for thoughts....:waving4:

We have not tried any special diets yet, and I don't know anyone IRL who is using Feingold (or any other diet, really). But, there are lots of parents on the various listservs to which I belong that swear diet makes a huge difference.

My personal belief is that like so many other things, it depends upon the individual child. I have not noticed any huge change in behaviors when my son eats any particular foods. I like to cook, and have always made most of our meals from scratch, so I like to think I would have noticed if he had a food dye sensistivity or some such when he first started to eat "outside" prepared foods and snacks. (It's also possible that he's just so hyperactive all the time that it doesn't matter what he eats, he's already running at top speed!).

So although I don't have firsthand experinece with Feingold, if you think that you can make it work for you & your family, I say why not give it a try. At some point in the future I may try it too...right now we are still working on a lot of control issues, defiance etc and it would be too overwhelming for ME to try and push a restricted/limited diet on DS1.

Just my thoughts.