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05-09-2011, 05:19 PM
Does anyone have experience with this? I was diagnosed in early pregnancy but I had symptoms prior to that. I went into remission during my pregnancy. Now the baby is 7 mos old and my symptoms returned. The Dr called and said I'm mid- range hyperthyroid and she's putting me on medication. I can't get an appt until July but she went over everything with me on the phone. Has anyone taken the medication and gone into remission? Have you done anything else that helped. I'm trying to avoid RAI at all costs.

05-10-2011, 12:09 AM
i have graves but was diagnosed before i had kids. i did have RAI and think i may have been better off with surgery but it's too late now. i am working my hardest right now trying to get to feeling good again. that is the hardest part about being made hypo, especially when you are also postpartum. i felt much better post RAI and pre kids than now.

have you seen this website?


i think it could be helpful.

i was on the anti-thyroid meds for quite a while, basically avoiding doing anything permanent until i had to face the whole wanting kids thing.

i do think that getting enough sleep can be very important to thyroid health. i am sure there are other lifestyle things but IMO that is the most important one.

are you breastfeeding? if so, are the anti-thyroid meds ok for the baby?

fyi, you should tell the pediatrician ASAP anyway. i have read some stuff on how babies can be affected in utero when the mother has a thyroid imbalance. it is worse when hypo, but still something to be on top of. graves is autoimmune, so for example, i would be extra careful with vaccine decisions etc. our ped happened to be kind of conservative and does vax slower and does not recommend all (he does not push chicken pox vax for example). i did not really know about any of this when i should have so mentioning it to you now so you are well aware.

if you want to talk on the phone, feel free to PM me your number and good time to call. we have flat rate phone so no long distance charges. or i can PM mine.

hope your symptoms are not too bad. i wouldn't mind being a little hyper right now, i just got test results and i am def hypo. :(

sending you a hug because you probably don't look that sick and won't get much sympathy from anyone IRL!