View Full Version : Plasmacar or YBike for 2yo?

06-18-2011, 10:03 PM
DD is turning two in two weeks and I have yet to get her a gift. Saw the Plasmacar and YBike balance bike at Costco today. Which would be better for a two year old?

Any other suggestions for a bday gift would be welcomed. So hard to come up with ideas since older DD has so much stuff younger DD plays with.

06-20-2011, 01:23 PM
DD's bday was a few weeks ago. We ended up with both :D Started with the ybike. I loved the idea of of blance bikes but not the cost of a new one. Our CL only had a few scams for a used one. So $40 for a practice bike is perfect for us. Although DD can use the plasma car for years to come (up to 220lb IIRC) the blanance bike would help her skip training wheels. Learning to ride a bike faster was more important to us.

FYI Costco dropped the price of the plama car to $25 - thanks to a bargain alert post on Friday we were at the store Saturday first thing. Both of these toys are dwindling here. In fact the plasma is oos at one already.

If I had to pick one. It would be the bike for reasons stated.

confession... Not only did I end up buying the plasma I also bought her a used cozy coupe off CL for $20. So I spent $80+ for three big toys :p:oops: hehe.