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07-06-2011, 09:46 PM
DS is ADHD combination type. He has issues when his routine is disturbed (not 100% of the time but let's say about 40-50% of the time) and he can go into tantrum mode. Most of the time, when he is finally done with the tantrum he cannot relay to us what the tantrum was about. He will make up something that is completely out of left field though.

Example: today he had an a special extended day at camp. He was excited about it. DH picked him up at 6:30 (I normally do pickup daily, but could not tonight b/c of the extended program). DS got home and we saw he needed down time. Plus he was still hungry (they only served pizza and smores for dinner). DS had issues being able to go up for a bath. Then, he wanted DH to give him a snack. DH could not (big deposition tomorrow and he had work to do). I said I would give DS his snack. This led to a 30 minute tantrum where DS ended up in his room in bed. After he was able to stop and collect himself we asked him if he could tell us why he tantrumed (he knew I would feed him and he knew he was hungry--I think). He honestly could not tell me why though. Is that normal for age 6 1/2 NT child? Is that normal for an ADHD child? We know his processing is slower but he has not being diagnosed with auditory processing disorder as of yet. So I'm not sure if this is typical behavior with ADHD, part of DS's emerging anxiety or something to do with his processing rate (and I do plan to talk to the devel ped and the behavioral therapist about this). Just wondering if anyone here has any insight.

07-06-2011, 09:56 PM
He honestly could not tell me why though.

The simple answer is yes, this is typical for a child this age. I actually remember feeling this way as a child, and I was not what anyone would call a behavior problem. I just often couldn't explain why I did a certain thing or why I felt a certain way.

And the pizza and s'mores certainly did not help, I'm sure. He probably was having blood sugar issues.

Try talking to him in the morning. See if he can think back to how he was feeling. You may want to do this after a healthful breakfast, when he is feeling full but not stuffed.

But chances are he never will be able to express exactly what was going on in his mind. I don't think that's something to worry about. But he may be able to help you to work together to find a way for him to unwind (I think of it like a coiled spring) without the tantrums. Children this age are remarkably creative, but he needs guidance to think of a solution when he is calm and away from the situation.