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07-09-2011, 12:03 PM
Does anyone know of some good books for an (almost) 6 year old to introduce/discuss the concept of adoption of a younger sibling? I saw that Todd Parr has an adoption book (We Belong Together), and we do love Todd Parr books, but I'm thinking more of a store/tale would be great.


07-09-2011, 08:17 PM
I've heard mixed reviews about the Parr book :( I usually love his books! The main issue a lot of people have is that it's kind of a "your parents saved you" book. "You needed a home, we had an extra room. You needed a loving family, and we wanted someone to love." Not direct quotes, but the idea of the book.

We have several adoption books, but none really focus on adoption of a new baby for an older sibling. In our collection:

God Found Us You (A fox mama is sad when she sees all the other animal mamas with their babies, and God finally brings her a baby to love)

Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born (by Jamie Lee Curtis, who adopted her 2 kids--a 4-year-old's retelling of her adoption story--so cute)

Why I Chose You (not really a kids book, but it's a great emotional read! Things like "I chose you because I wanted a reason to swing. I chose you because my heart had a place with your name. I chose you because your hand fit perfectly into mine. I chose you because we both love pb&j."

The Just Right Family (its a Cabbage Patch book about 2 little girls--one struggles through meeting families that aren't right... and then her best friend is adopted, which leaves her feeling alone. But it all ends happily when her best friend's parents love kids so much that they adopt her too)

Why Was I Adopted? (it's gotta be from the 70s! I've had it for as long as I can remember! A long read, but I always went back to it when I needed reassurance.)

07-10-2011, 09:31 PM
Thanks, Mimi! I did end up buying the Todd Parr book, and for the most part, I agree with the criticism you've heard. To me, it is *just* borderline. I think it is basic enough that it gets the idea across. I think if I use it in conjunction with some other books, and frank discussion with DD, it will be ok. I will definitely check out some of the other titles you recommended.

07-12-2011, 10:35 PM
Ten Days and Nine Nights, by Yumi Heo, is a sweet little picture book. I'ts pretty specific for Korean adoption because the mom flys off to Korea while the big sister stays home with her father and grandparents, getting ready for the new baby. They show the mom meeting with the social worker, going to meet the new baby, coming home on the plane etc. I think you could adapt it a bit for adoption from China by simply changing the words that you read (though a 6-year-old might notice!).

Babies Can't Eat Kimchee isn't adotpion -specific but is also a very cute book about an older sister's ambivalence towards her baby sister. And yes, both of my kids are from Korea :-)