View Full Version : Discontinued Alfred Angelo! 1839

07-29-2011, 03:06 PM
Hey ladies,

I love this dress that I found in a House of Brides store yesterday. I had GREAT SERVICE, by the way! This girl Heather not only had a sense of humor, but stayed within my price range, gave me honest feedback, and then when - alas! - discovered that the dress was discontinued, she called the designer to double check their inventory, as well as looked up the dress at all other House of Bride stores (sadly, nothing). The sample was also a 16, which would be difficult to alter for my size. She gave me the designer and number immediately and encouraged me to ebay and google it, giving me advice about being cautious of those who would try to sell me an imitation in place of the original. That place is what a bridal store SHOULD be!

Here's my question: Anyone know of an Alfred Angelo 1839 dress in a size 10 or 12? Been googling my butt off with no luck!