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09-16-2011, 10:56 AM
My boys just turned 2 in July and are still in their cribs though one did climb/fall out of his crib a couple weeks ago so we have been working on getting their room fully prepared for the transition to big boy beds.

My question is did your twins seem to share their beds?

My mom has the thought that because they are twins that they will want to sleep in the same bed together. They shared a crib for the first couple of months but that was it.

Doesn't really matter to me either way as long as they are getting good sleep and not fighting.

What's the norm?

09-16-2011, 02:55 PM
No BTDT but mine are 3 and I cannot imagine them sleeping well at all if they shared a bed. They're still very much in the "need Mommy's help for everything" phase and being kicked or rolled into accidentally would totally start them crying for me. Ours are still in cribs and I don't even let them switch cribs for fear that it'll add potential for conflict at bedtime (for example if they both want the same crib). When they move to beds I plan on keeping the beds assigned. I'm interested in hearing stories from other twin parents whose kids share a room...

09-22-2011, 09:22 AM
Ours are still in their cribs too. Our two are two years 5 months old and we won't be moving them out for a long while. We do this for several reasons.

One- when they could get out they were climbing out super early in the morning and running all around the house. We didn't appreciate waking up at 4 am. It will be the same with a bed. Nap time too. #2 didn't want to nap and this became a huge issue.

Two- when they would get out they would tear their room to shreds. I got tired of constantly cleaning up in the morning. It will be the same with a bed.

Three- often the one who got out the most would end up sleeping on the floor or somewhere else (hall, bathroom, etc) and it was tiresome to put him back and scary to not know where he was) Again, the same with a bed

Four- we just had another baby and the last thing I wanted to do was fight with twins to stay in their beds.

We joke that they will be in their cribs till high school that way we now they aren't into something they shouldn't be, wandering around the house, sleeping other places other than their beds and waking everyone up way before it is necessary or not sleeping at night. It wasn't worth the drama. With out oldest we moved him when he was almost three and it was perfect. He went right into the toddler bed with no issue and we didn't have any problems with him in and out of bed and stuff. With DS #2 we did it also at almost 3 years of age but he was not quite as ready bed we needed the crib for the twins who were coming. It was a struggle to keep him in bed at night and in the am. I constantly found him asleep on the floor in his room and had to put him back. He was just a little later of a a bloomer. So with the twins we have crib tents now and LOVE THEM!!!! They are right where they should be, safe and they love their cribs again. they love to kiss goodnight, zip themselves up (I do the final stretch of zipper so they are really closed in) and they have a toy or two of their choosing in their beds and they sleep soooo much better and longer. Since there are two of them and they aren't potty training anytime soon we won't be moving them soon.

that is what works for our family at least. I have so many friends who wrestle with this with their multiples. (I am part of a large moms of multiples group here) . Half of them are fighting with their kids to staying bed and all the other bed issues and nap issues and are exhausted. The other half have better rested kids and no real issues as their kids are still in cribs. they are still babies at 2 and need the security of a crib I feel. I would recommend separate beds and maybe some crib tents!

You have to do what is right for you as you now you kids and their activeness. Good luck!!


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10-01-2011, 12:42 PM
I had to put my boys in big beds (way before I wanted to) b/c they were shredding their crib tents and broke (yes broke) a crib. They slept in their own beds, although occasionally in the morning we will find one of them in the other's bed. But the norm for us is to sleep in separate beds.