View Full Version : Average dayhome rates?

11-01-2011, 02:02 PM
OK I'm posting this here but I'm not sure how many of us Canadians are still here! Anyway, here goes...

Does anyone have an idea (ballpark, even) of what the average rate is for dayhomes? My brother and his wife setup a dayhome primarily to care for their niece and nephew. They have been charging $1100 total (for both kids) and are now wondering if they have been undercharging. I believe they came to that number because the previous place that the kids had been attending was charging the same number. That former dayhome was run by a friend of the mother's family, so my brother is now concerned that they (brother and his wife) may be undercharging.

I think this is a bit of a sticky situation... they ostensibly setup the dayhome to help out their niece and nephew, and it sort of feels like raising the rates takes it out of the 'helping family' thing and moves it into 'doing this for a profit', KWIM? I think they are now trying to view it as a a business venture and keeping the family issue separate, if that makes sense.

They are in Calgary. I'm not sure how many Calgary/area parents read the boards, but if anyone wants to chime in with their input from any area, I would appreciate it!